Failure Gold
Me to myself: Step back from the keyboard, take a deep breath, and just kick the you-know-what out of the poor little wastebasket ;-)

Yup, it was one of those days/evenings/nights and then this morning! LOL!! To say that the migration to the new host did not go well is an understatement. They somehow managed to merge and mangle multiple databases into one, and then wanted ME to 'try to sort it out'. Well, gee, folks, that is pretty much what I paid you guys to do! So, after almost 18 hrs offline, I made the decision to a) change the DNS back to the old host and b) bite the bullet, upgrade to the managed VPS and cross fingers and toes that the extra expense is going to resolve the issues. We will know soon enough....

And then I found this little saying above and thought it uber-appropriate for this am's newsletter. Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow, and not let the little irritations become major problems, ya know?

So, if you happen to have any issues later today, just wait a bit and check back, and all SHOULD be okay. Hopefully. Fingers, toes and other appendages are all crossed ;-)

If you emailed us yesterday, and have not heard back yet, please resend!!

I hope to have a special little giftie for everyone late today - some free covers and backgrounds for you, just cuz I need to add some positivity to the day and giving away stuff makes me happy ;-) so look for another email late this afternoon!

Also, I have had several questions about digital planners, and if we will be offering any templates - and I will dive into that topic this afternoon, with the pros and cons of that particular possible opportunity.


As promised, I went through Erica Stone's new "Facebook Traffic Snatcher" and I have to admit, it definitely delivers more than 99% of the FaceBook courses you have probably read. It's 112 pages of solid meat with screenshots, sample ad text, image samples & sizes, you name it! She honestly does not leave a stone unturned on this one, and I totally recommend it unless you are already an FB ad guru! I am totally not, so I loved this one. Check it out here: Erica Stone's "Facebook Traffic Snatcher"
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I have some
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