Just a quick note to let everyone know that Bonus #4 for Justin Popovich's Jot It Down: The Power of Journaling is done and UPLOADED!! These images are from the new Journal, and I think it really turned out nice!

If you already claimed your bonus, you can access it through the same download link in your member area.

If you have not checked it out yet - this is a HUGE bundle for our members from Justin Popovich, and we are getting tons of GREAT feedback on the product.

Jot It Down: The Power of Journaling gives you everything you need to get people interested in journaling - plus Justin has added a fantastic bonus to this deal for us - you get to pick 2 additional content packs from their 140+ products!!
This Special Offer ends Sunday, March 1!!
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Next: Lynette Chandler's new prayer journal, Praying The Word is live! This is truly an evergreen niche that sells year-round, and can be extended into so many related verticals: home-schooling, organic gardening, recipe keepers, family activity trackers, budget planners - pretty much anything to do with home and family!

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Note: If you already have Toolkit #6, you will receive a credit towards two Design Kits when our new Faith-inspired planners are released in March ;-)

TO GET YOUR BONUSES: send your receipts and your selections (if applicable) to: [email protected]. We will normally reply the same day with your bonus!

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!
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