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If you are on my newsletter list, then you are probably engaged in or interested in the Journal or Low-Content niche. And today, we have a very special (and limited!) offer for you from our friends at Tools of Motivation

The most common questions we get asked are these: How do I make my journals unique? How do I make MY journals more attractive and more VALUABLE to the prospective customer?

I would love to say that there is a simple answer to this issue, but the truth is that journaling can be a complex and off-putting process for many people. Staring at a blank piece of paper can be daunting to many (just ask anyone that has tried to write a book - or your son or daughter faced with that college entrance essay!)

However, we found that our journal sales increased dramatically when we started adding content. Yes, I know, these are supposed to be "Zero Content" books, but the end goal is sales, right? The content does not need to be complex, but it needs to be clear, informative and engaging - and it needs to take away the fear of putting our innermost thoughts down on paper!

Justin Popovich's Jot It Down: The Power of Journaling does all of this and more!!
Jot It Down starts witha 32 page (~6200 word) guide that teaches people how powerful journaling can be and then goes on to give you all of the tools you need to make your journals unique, and to market your products. You have SO many options here: Offer our bonus journal as a lead magnet, and then Jot It Down as a course or ebook. Use the content throughout a Journal as instructional and inspirational material to the Journaler.

This is a huge bundle and gives you everything you need to get people interested in journaling - and WE are giving you 3 new journals to complete this package!

This Special Offer ends Sunday March 1!!

Jot It Down: The Power of Journaling includes:

  • Jot It Down starts with a 32 page (~6200 word) guide to Journaling
  • Workbook: exercises designed to put the book tips into action
  • 10 3D Editable PSD Book Covers
  • An enhanced version of the book with images that you can use (doc/pdf)
  • 31-minute Audio Book (mp3)
  • Lead Gen Report (doc/txt/pdf/pages)
  • Trainer's Slidedeck (ppt/keynote)
  • 10 related articles (4000+ words)
  • 2 Mini-Reports from the articles
  • Article Slide Decks
  • 20 Tip Posters plus 1 Infographic
  • Social Media images, sized for Pinterest and Instagram
  • 30 Tweets & 20 Facebook Posts
  • 3 Done for Tip Sheets
  • Complete Video Walk Through

===>>> Get it here:
Jot It Down: The Power of Journaling

PLUS - You get these bonuses:

From Justin:
Choose any two ADDITIONAL Content Bundles
from over 140 Titles!!

From Us:

See those 3 cover graphics at the top of the newsletter? You will get 3 new 'Done for You" Journals, each ready to go with matching background, title banners and "This Bleongs To' page. Just add your business details and you have the perfect lead magnet ready to go! This is easily worth the cost of this bundle!! PLUS: 30 Journal prompts!

TO GET YOUR BONUS: send your receipts and your selections to: [email protected]. We will normally reply the same day with your bonus!

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