It's Tuesday, and that means a round-up of some of the best content, articles and tutorials I uncovered over the past week, so here goes:

===>>> From the SEO/PPC gurus at TheHoth (nope sorry, not the SLOTH): brand new 2020 Edition of the Best SEO & PPC Tools - 70 pages that you will want to read now and keep handy for future reference!!

===>>> From HelloBar: 50 FREE Lead Magnet Ideas Interestingly I did not have to register to get this....this might be because I am already on their list or....

===>>> Another one to keep handy: Cheat Sheet for 2020 Social Media Image Sizes - Yes, there have been some changes!

===>>> You're going to be hearing a lot about TikTok this year - here's a great tutorial on How Businesses are Marketing on TikTok

I think that should be enough to keep you busy for a few days ;-)


Something different today....

It's been my practice to feature only free courses in our Tutorial newsletters, but I really want to mention a couple of terrific courses - one that I took a while ago and has just re-opened, and one that I recently purchased and just finished reading. I like learning from people that are actually doing what they teach, and doing it well. If you want to earn a million dollars this year - shouldn't you be learning from someone that is?

Leonie Dawson's Money Manifestation and Multiple Streams of Income:
Why I recommend this: Leonie is a bonafide, award-winning & government-recognized multi-million dollar author, specializing in low-content planners, workbooks and courses. She is not everyone's 'cup of tea' - she has a self-admitted 'foul mouth' - but she really knows what she is doing and how to build a million-dollar self-publishing business, and she has done it not once, but twice now as she changed her business model last year to take back her life ;-). This course starts March 1!! Check it out here: Money Manifestation and Multiple Streams of Income:

David Martin's Lessons From The Self Publishing Trenches II (2020 Edition)
Why I recommend this: First of all - I had no idea who David Martin was before this course!! LOL - Sorry David! I have had courses that covered specific aspects of this one better (ie: actually formatting and uploading your book) but it more than makes up for this by a detailed look (370 pages) at how to actually MAKE MONEY with your book. David earned more than $652k over the last 3 years - and his books range from short stories (under 10,000 words) to prayer journals (almost $20k in 2019!). He does recommend a number of rather pricey softwares and plugins in the book - but you don't have to buy them ;-) Check it out here: The Self Publishing Trenches II (2020 Edition)

Buy either course and get $25 credit at PLRoftheMonth.Club
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Have a fantastic day - stay warm and dry! Tuesday is our date night, so Bob and I are leaving our cocoon to head out to the movies!
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