Just a quick note to let everyone know that I just uploaded the entire set of Covers and Backgrounds HERE so you can see them all. These are exclusive to Rachel's "Build Your Business With PLR POWER PACK" when you buy through our link.

The main product has a solid value of more than $800, with 11 products for only $27, while the VIP package includes everything in the main product, plus 8 more for a total value of almost $1500, for only $47. If you can afford it - the training from Justin Popovich (Tools For Motivation) and Jenn Brockman (Planning Addicts) is worth the cost of the VIP bundle all by themselves. You also get our entire Toolkit #11 in the VIP package which we sold just recently for more than the bundle costs!

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Bonus: Choose any 2 Individual Planner Design Kits from Toolkits #3 - #9 OR a $25 credit code, and if you get the VIP package - choose 4 Individual Planner Design Kits from Toolkits #3 - #9 OR a $50 credit code. (You can see all of the Toolkits on our home page: PLR Of The Month Club)

A couple of other new products out that you might be interested in:

Jim Daniels' "Fast Money Methods":
16 different LEGIT ways to make money from home. If you are looking for some unobtrusive side hustles, or maybe have a kid in college looking for some extra spending money or a summer gig, there are some great options here! If you don't know Jim - he's been a full-time IMer since 1996, and yes, I have been a fan that long!

Christine at Content Accelerators launched a terrific product this week that got lost amid some other promotions: Create New Habits in 2020. If you purchased Tiffany's Habits bundle last week, this one is the perfect companion piece for marketing the entire bundle:
  • 10 brand new comprehensive article outlines (480 to 1760 words). Includes keyword, related keywords, in-text citations to authoritative sources, affiliate product suggestions, and internal linking suggestions. Includes a pillar post, how-to posts, and list posts.
  • Giveaway report: 50 Healthy Habits to Change your Life (3414 words).
  • 2 Sets of Pinterest Images as .png overlays
  • 1 set of Facebook images as .png overlays
  • 10 Instagram quote posts related to habits (.jpg only).
  • PowerPoint slides for each article
Bonus: Our new Habit Tracker with an all-new set of Covers, Backgrounds and Title Banners for you, so if you have the planner already, you will have a whole new product now! Almost done, will deliver before end of day Thursday.

TO GET YOUR BONUSES: send your receipts and your selections to: [email protected]. We will normally reply the same day with your bonus!

That's all for today!! Have a wonderful evening!
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