I Was Going To Take
Ok, so like, yeah, you can maybe identify with that? I know I can!! As mentioned earlier - the day started out with a power failure, which meant I could not do much until my 'puter was live again, and it's just been downhill from there!

But there are some specials ending today and I did not want to let them go without one last reach out - both of these go 'bye-bye' at midnight:

The new "Talk To Anyone" content bundle by Justin Popovich - totally a steal at just $10!! BONUS: 10 articles from our "Network for FUN and LOTS of Profit!!" bundle It's from one of our best selling Bundles on networking for business & using Linkedin. You can see the full list of articles here:Networking for Fun & LOTS of Profit!!
===> Check it out: Talk To Anyone

Amy Harrop's 2020 Public Domain guide & search software, "Public Domain Goldmine". Price increases at midnight on this one! Bonus: My personal spreadsheet for organizing, tracking and using your PLR & PD content, plus 3 different templates for creating, tracking & strategizing your blog posts, plus a very special template for new product creation & marketing - PLUS 3 cover designs, 3 backgrounds and 3 Title Banners, with full PLR.
===> Check it out: "Public Domain Goldmine"

Just launched today:
•• Catherine over at Content Accelerators, just launched Create New Habits in 2020, which works very well with Tiffany's latest one, Systematic Habits for High Achievers.
Bonus: A mini-version of the "Habit Tracker" we offered with Tiffany's higher-priced bundle - with an all-new graphics set. So if you also have Tiffany's bundle, you will have a full new set of covers & backgrounds ;-)
===> Check it out: Create New Habits in 2020

•• Rachel Youngson's new "Build Your Business With PLR POWER PACK" - This is so much more than 'just' more PLR content - this also includes tons of great training too so you won't be left wondering what to do with everything.....
Your PLR Trainings Include:
    • Access to 50+ hours of PLR Power Hour
    • PLR Success Steps Journal
    • Use PLR for Fast Content Repurposing (includes a Content Repurposing Workbook)
    • Create Fast Sales and InfoProducts Using PLR
    • Use PLR for Affiliate Profits
    • Lead Magnet Workshop
    • Printables Design School
    • Complete PLR Implementation Training Series
    • Planner Designs
    • Multi Template Pack
    • Marketing Design Hacks - PLR Makeover Edition
    • Social Media Marketing Kit - Facebook Edition
The main product has a solid value of more than $800, with 11 products for only $27, while the VIP package includes everything in the main product, plus 8 more for a total value of almost $1500, for only $47. Our products alone are currently being sold at $145+, so this is a GREAT value!

===>>> Check it out: Build Your Business With PLR POWER PACK

Bonus: Choose any 2 Individual Planner Design Kits from Toolkits #3 - #9 OR a $25 credit code, and if you get the VIP package - choose 4 Individual Planner Design Kits from Toolkits #3 - #9 OR a $50 credit code. PLUS - I am working on a new set of 10 covers and 10 interior designs that can be used with ANYTHING you want. These will be ready Wednesday (if not sooner) and will be included with your purchase of either Power Pack.

You can see all of the Toolkits on our home page: PLR Of The Month Club
TO GET YOUR BONUSES: send your receipts and your selections to: [email protected]. We will normally reply the same day with your bonus!

That's all for today!! Tomorrow - we have some great tutorials!!
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