The new "Talk To Anyone" content bundle by Justin Popovich almost went under my radar this weekend! This is a huge content bundle with a variety of great customizable content including...
  • A set of 10 articles about How To Talk To Anyone
  • A set of 10 audio narrations of the articles
  • 2 report versions of the text content
  • 20 posters about with tips on talking to people
  • Bonus 1: Difficult Conversations PLR Tip Sheet
  • Bonus 2: Good First Impressions PLR Tip Sheet
  • Bonus 3: Facing Fear Tip Sheet
    The 10 articles repurposed into Canva templates
    The 10 articles repurposed into email broadcasts

    The 10 articles repurposed into image-rich articles
  • Retail Value: $77
  • Sale Price: $10
I can tell you from first-hand experience (40+ years in outside sales!!) that being able to talk to anyone is a skill set that can be life-changing - and CAN BE LEARNED by almost anyone!
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Bonus: I have the PERFECT set of 10 articles to complement this bundle: Network for FUN and LOTS of Profit!! It's from one of our best selling Bundles on networking for business & using Linkedin (I have built numerous 6 figure businesses from networking on LinkedIn!). You can see the full list of articles here: Networking for Fun & LOTS of Profit!!
===>>> This is getting crazy rave reviews!! Amy Harrop's 2020 Public Domain guide, "Public Domain Goldmine". This is a very in-depth product and the 2020 version of her original PD course. This one consists of a specialized search engine-style software, 70+ page guide plus videos, worksheets, checklists and case studies! Bonus: I am sharing my personal spreadsheet for organizing, tracking and using your PLR & PD content, plus 3 different templates for creating, tracking & strategizing your blog posts, plus a very special template for new product creation & marketing - PLUS 3 cover designs, 3 backgrounds and 3 Title Banners, so you can create your own new product or Leas Magnet. Full PLR of course. And the cover designs on this one are getting great feedback ;-)

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From last week but still selling well: Alessandro Zamboni and Andreas Quintana launched their new and updated course, Coloring Books Empires. Lots of new information and resources that you won't want to miss - at $17 it's a real gem of a deal! Click here for details! BONUS: Buy through our link for a bonus pack of 10 new coloring pages and they are all new.
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I hope you have something fun planned for tomorrow if you have the day off - I am planning on just staying warm ;-)
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