So, yesterday was uber hectic AND Valentine's Day, so I did not finish my usual Friday round-up of great content and free goodies before we left for dinner. And a major part of this whole 'laptop lifestyle' thingie that we have going on is that family comes first, right? We had early resys at our favorite taco cafe (where they make their own margarita mix, fresh daily) and then down the street for Belgian dessert waffles and chocolate crepes. Suffice it to say that I ate too much, but it was a wonderful splurge. Cincinnati has changed sooooo much since I moved here in 1999 - I have way too many 'fave cafes' these days ;-)

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First Up:
A couple of awesome free tools that I recently found and am loving:

ClickUp: Hard to believe what you can do with just the free version - unless you are running a team of VAs, you will probably never need to upgrade!! I have tried a lot of different project management tools, everything from Monday to Trello, and this one just resonates so much better with me. It seems to combine the best of all of the other platforms, and is just so much more intuitive. Recurring tasks, subtasks, drag and drop, full calendar integration plus integrations into most everything else I use. FREE!! Totally loving this one!

RescueTime: Now, I have to be honest here: I am one of the most efficient 'time users' you will find. When I am 'in the zone' - a bomb could go off under my desk, and I would not notice. I am not a social media 'browser'; I do my work, I get it done and I move on. BUT this has a) helped me identify which projects are eating more time than they should and b) which projects are a better use of my time monetarily. And since it works across multiple devices - it really does a great job of nailing ALL of your online activity and time-holes.

Freebies This Week:

First up - From Alice Seba, PublishingForProsperity.com, has 10 FREE articles for you on the topic of "Breaking Bad Habits". If you picked up Tiffany's PLR earlier this week, and our Habit Tracker bonus, this is a great add-on and free! You can still get it and the bonus HERE

From DealFuel: Checkout Page Checklist - 21 point checklist to help reduce cart abandonment. Lots of other great freebies here too!

From SEOPressor: 20 question quiz to check your current SEO knowledge
(You also get a nice follow gift of the quiz answers and 3 excellent SEO guides! Their newsletter is excellent and always relevant content.)

From WordStream: 6 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Video Views
Great piece on increasing views to your Facebook videos - and be sure to check out some of the other content too - these folks have been around for a long time and have a wealth of information here!

Have a wonderful Saturday - more goodies tomorrow!
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