Happy Hump Day Evening!

I don't usually send out 2 emails, but I have had a lot of emails and dialogue back and forth today about Kevin Fahey's $20K Extra System: The convos have been mainly regarding the fact that I liked that he teaches you techniques for increasing your revenue streams with lower-priced products and funnels, rather than hard-selling your customers a $3k course. Personally, I found it a refreshing and honest approach, and it just resonated with me. It's a path that I personally am comfortable with ;-).

It's very in-depth, and you can tell that he actually uses these strategies because he is comfortable explaining everything - t's obvious that he knows what he is doing because he actually DOES this! I am sick to death of 'strategy' videos where it is all too apparent that the 'instructor/guru' has never actually used this new 'method' or visited this amazing new website before - I am sure you know what I am talking about!

Instead, Kevin comes across as open and transparent, and I am totally impressed with the course. I did get the traffic upsell, because that is a huge focus for us in 2020.

The main product is only $12.95 right now, and it is a steal! I do not know if/when it is increasing - sorry!

BONUS!!! I love this one so much, that you will get a $13 coupon for any product of ours if you buy through our link before midnight Friday! You won't get a better deal on it anywhere!! PLUS $5 extra for every OTO you get. So basically - you get the FE for free...

===>> Check it out here: Kevin Fahey's $20K Extra System:.

As mentioned earlier today, the bonus for Amy's new "Public Domain Goldmine" has grown beyond what was originally planned, and is now:
  • 4 Templates: Blogging Strategy Planner, Blog Post Planner/Tracker, Blog Post Schedule, New Product Creation Worksheet (Pages, Word, PDF formats)
  • Public Domain/PLR Content Tracker Spreadsheet (XLS/Numbers Formats)
  • 3 Covers & 1 Background (300 DPI PNG)
  • 3 Title banners (300 DPI PNG)
In other words, you can turn this into a product on its own, or make several very nice lead magnets with it ;-). And of course, full PLR to the whole puppy.

If you have not checked out Amy's 2020 Public Domain Goldmine yet, check it out here: "Public Domain Goldmine" There have been MAJOR changes in this area in the last year and this is not just HOW to FIND new public domain content - it's an in-depth course on how to USE the content to make money and includes ways to re-purpose and market your new-found content. TO GET THE BONUS (see above!): send your receipts to [email protected]. Yes, this IS a new dedicated bonus email addy, so I don't miss anyone! AND there are also two upsells -
so we will also add a $5 coupon for each upsell you purchase.

TO GET YOUR BONUS: send your receipts to [email protected].

Also - just finishing up the bonus for Tiffany's humongous "Systematic Habits of High Achievers" launching tomorrow at 11am EST.

Until then, have a relaxing evening!
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