Happy Sunday!

And yes, that image is more than a bit 'tongue-in-cheek' as I am looking at snow on the ground and dreary gray, gloomy skies out my office window. But hope springs eternal and I KNOW that spring is right around the corner...hopefully...sigh....

First up today - some housekeeping details!!
===>>> New dedicated email just for BONUSES!!
If you purchased either Justin Popovich's Brain Fix or Coach Glue's Digital Nomad via our links last week, don't forget to claim your bonus!! Please send your receipt to [email protected] . Yes, a dedicated bonus email addy so I don't miss anyone!! One of those things I kept meaning to do......LOL

Launches coming up this week:
If you have been with us for a while, you know that we try to match our bonuses to the products we promote so that we all get the maximum mileage out of anything we purchase. Since many of you reach out to find out if we have bonuses for specific launches before you make that buy decision, here is what we have on tap so far this week and more may be added if requested:

===>> Amy Harrop: Tuesday, Feb. 11: Amy is back with an updated Private Domain course, and this one includes a web-based software for finding exactly what you need and an in-depth course on the recent changes to Public Domain usage that is adding new content to PD access every day Sign up for the Early Bird List!
Bonus: A new PLR/PD content planner/tracker with 5 new Cover/background designs

===>> Tiffany Lambert: Thursday, Feb. 13: Systematic Habits of High Achievers
This is a massive bundle of extremely high-quality content, priced at only $17. You can sign up for the Early Bird notice here.
Bonus: A new habit tracker workbook with 5 new Cover/background designs

And now on to some great content:
===>> From the Shout Me Loud blog - As you know, my goal for 2020 is more traffic and here is another great article for us all: Where to Share Your Blog Posts After Publishing

===>> From Medium: Ten Income Streams for Freelance Writers. Great piece for those looking to expand your current revenue streams or make that big move from the J-O-B to freelancing ;-). And, yeah, ya really can do this....

And last but not least:

The sign-up page is up and asks some basic questions such as your current level of expertise - and if the answer is "YIKES! ZERO!!" no worries, this is all going to be very friendly for all levels - and your preferred meeting days/timezones. I hope to rotate the chat times/days, and record them so they are available for all. We will probably have the first session the week of Feb. 17, and I hope to set up a forum for us all as well on my site, rather than Facebook, as FB tends to be a bit overwhelming after a while and very difficult to keep track of content and posts. No cost, EVER!! Just some hopefully good interaction and sharing to see if we can help boost each other's business and organic traffic. Sign up here: SEO & Traffic Co-op Chats

That's it for today! Have an AMAZING week!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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