Hi, Everyone!

Seriously, I thought it was Sunday when I rolled out of bed, then realized we had the traditional "big Sunday breakfast" yesterday. Sigh...okay, fine, Monday brunch works fine for me ;-)

Had a very, very busy morning creating some new products for a big giveaway event in the Personal Development niche launching the 23rd, and covers for Lynette's Mom journal. Also - before you ask - yes, we will be promoting the upcoming Pixelcrafters launch later this week with a set of 10 kids covers again - all new. And if we can get a review copy, they will be 'on theme'. Fingers crossed.

Ends Tomorrow!! Thrive Anywhere's 'memory journal' titled 'Mom, If You Didn't Know' jumps up in price end of day Tuesday. This is going to be a hot seller for Mother's Day and the timing is perfect - trust me, it will mean more than flowers to most moms right now.
BONUS: We are offering 10 new, beautiful matching covers. These will be ready early next week, and will coordinate with Lynette's gorgeous design.
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New Offers:
Kevin Fahey has a whopping good special for you right now - get 3 days intro membership for his fabulous IM Checklist Gold. Download as much as you want, and cancel but once you are inside - you probably won't want to. These checklists make great seed material for planners and workbooks ;-)
BONUS: $5 credit towards any purchase (and yes, we have a $5 Flash Sale coming up this week!!).
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Best Sellers Summit - Rare "Pay What You Can Afford" Event!
Alice and Ron from EliteWritersLab.com are hosting another BestSellers Summit.
This is a one-of-a-kind event and all proceeds will be donated to the Startup Emergency Relief Fund to help entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic. Here's a brief peek at just a few of the all-star speakers this year:
  • Jay Boyer
  • Ty Cohen
  • Daniel Hall
  • Connie Ragen Green
  • Joel Peterson
  • Keith Dougherty
  • Greg Cesar
  • Jon Benson
  • Thomas McMahon (Clickbank)
  • Anik Singal
  • Jay Cruiz
Check it out here: Best Sellers Summit - Rare "Pay What You Can Afford" Event!

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