Hi, Everyone!

Well, we had a BIG victory this am: I was able to finally get toilet paper, paper towels and Lysol wipes for my mom!! As I have mentioned before, Mom is 85 and lives in a retirement community in Florida, and is not internet-friendly, so keeping her and her little dog well-stocked with basic supplies and meds long-distance has been challenging, to say the least! Add to it that I am spending at least an hour a day on the phone with her now, I figured out this am that I am losing about a day and a half of work time every week! LOL And I was wondering why I was so far behind...sigh....but better than her running to the store in her little golf cart right now! To put it mildly, she is not happy with the restrictions on her social life! I hope I am that spunky at 85!

Some GREAT free stuff today - here's hoping you have the free time to take advantage of them!

===>>> My favorite giveaway launched this am: Build Your Successful Online Business. This is the third time we have participated and it seems to be attracting more top names with every new one! This month you will find gifts from us (2 now and more coming later today!) Ruth Bowers, Ellen Finkelstein, Marie Mack, Mary Silver & LaFaye Pye. (HINT: There is a search box on the last page of the gift downloads, under the first 'feature' product!)

===>>> From EliteWritersLab.com: 102 Websites That Pay For Your Writing

===>>> LURN.com has many amazing free courses - here's my fave picks today:
Traffic Geniuses by Anik Singal (he is so good!) More than 5 hours of video content!
Free Traffic From Words by Dave Lovelace. All about content marketing!
Building the Best You by Zig Ziglar. 2 hours from the Man Himself!
SEO Crash Course by Anik Singal. Almost 3 hours of video training in this one!

===>>> From Appsumo: This terrific video on DIY: Make High-Quality Videos At Home Like a Pro or maybe you want to learn how to Podcast Like A Pro With The Ultimate Podcast Starter Kit?

===>>> From CreativeMarket.com: A lovely script font, and wildflower pattern (be sure to check the rights!)

===>>> Looking for free Photoshop brushes? Then you will want to check out brusheezy.com. Caution: this place is addictive if you are a PS freak ;-)

Not Free But Still AMAZING DEALS!!

Google Smart Ads Mastery (with PLR) from FireLaunchers. This just launched this am, and I am really impressed with the quality of this!! I purchased the main product, then downloaded it and went through it before going through the rest of the funnel. I have never purchased anything from them before and was really blown away by the quality of the writing. The funnel is a long one but there is a really Lifetime offer plus a $1 30-day trial for their monthly membership, which I signed up for.
BONUS: A new ad-tracker that is almost ready to go - will have 3 covers and backgrounds, and your choice of any one of the new Lead Magnets from here (6 now, and 4 more by tomorrow - see them all here) Pick up the Lifetime Membership and get $100 credit for our store!

From the amazing Lynette at Thrive Anywhere comes a beautiful 'memory journal' titled 'Mom, If You Didn't Know'. Given the current isolation from our families - I think this is going to a hot seller for Mother's Day! This beautiful 'prompted' journal will bring tears to your eyes as you walk through the process of telling mom your best memories and letting her know how much she means to you! With PLR rights, you can use this as a lead magnet, or sell in print form or as a printable (printables are going crazy right now).
BONUS: We are offering 10 new, beautiful matching covers. These will be ready early next week, and will coordinate with Lynette's gorgeous design.
===>>> GET IT HERE: Mom, If You Didn't Know (Use promo code: MOM for $10 off!)

===>>> From the talented Jenn at PlanningAddicts.com....
If you are an astrology buff, you will love this one! This is a beautifully done planner & journal pack highlighting the 12 signs of the Zodiac, in rich color. Get it for 50% off now through April 18 using promo code: WHATSYOURSIGN.
BONUS: Get our 12 original Zodiac coloring pages with full PLR rights - see samples above!
===>>> GET IT HERE: Zodiac Horoscope Journals Pack

To collect your Bonuses:
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