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Hi, Everyone!

Wow! The sun is shining today and although it is still nippy out, I love seeing the blue skies finally - amazing what it can do for your mood! And I actually got some sleep last night - no battling raccoons on the roof, so I am plowing through my workload today!

There are WAAAAY too many great PLR bundles out this week, so just featuring a handful that works best with our bonuses:

===>>> From Amy Harrop - Bonus Boost
Ok, I am ticked off over this one! Have been trying to find time to create this exact product! LOL Amy beat me to it! Bonus Boost is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for using free incentives to build your list, get more orders, and automatically grow your content business in a dozen different ways. It also includes: checklists, worksheets, and over the shoulder video tutorials covering the following topics:
    • 10 Ways To Use Bonuses To Automatically Get More Orders
    • How To Develop In-Demand Bonuses That Browsers Find Irresistible
    • The One Bonus You Must Create That Always Gets Fence-Setters To Buy
    • Create High-Value Bonuses In 30 Minutes
    • And much, much more!
BONUS: In case you hadn't noticed - we give away a lot of bonuses - and they are good ones that we think complement the promotion, and often created just for that promotion because I hate crappy bonuses! And the result? We are landing on leader boards all over the place! Is it time-consuming? YES!! So...I am adding 4 more LEAD MAGNETS to the current collection of 6, and you will get to choose 3 Lead Magnets from the collection!! See them here but remember 4 new ones are coming by Sat: Bonus Lead Magnets
GET IT HERE ===>>> Bonus Boost - use promo code: BOOSTAPRIL for $10 off the Launch Price!

===>>> From MasterPLR: Habits PLR Package
Geoff and Susie O'Dea don't release too many products, but when they do? They are HUGE! And this is no exception! You get all of this for a really low price:
  • eBook - 'Success habits - Small Wins That Lead to Huge Success' - 5,224 words, 23 pages.
  • Audio eBook - The audio book is provided to you in MP3 format and plays for approximately 27 minutes. Recorded in both male and female voices.
  • eCover Graphics - eCovers in four different styles for all reports and ebooks
  • Report - 'Lifestyle Habits - Your Habits Affect Everything in Your Life' - 1,906 words, 11 pages.
  • Squeeze Page and 'Call to Action' Graphic - Simply 'copy and paste' the text and add your optin form code!
  • 12 Articles - Word and text files.
  • 12 Audio Articles - Audio articles in MP3 format. Both male and female voices.
  • 12 Social Posters - Eye-catching posters in web-ready formats and editable PSD files.
  • 12 Social Media Snippets
  • Infographics
  • 12 Articles - 750 - 880 words each
BONUS: This is a fantastic bundle but one GLARING deficiency - it needs a workbook to go with it! So I am creating an all new "Habit Tracker" with 3 new cover designs, 3 new background designs and 3 new title banner designs. Will be ready Tuesday (probably sooner!). Buy through our link and send your receipt to [email protected] ;-)
GET IT HERE ===>>> Habits PLR Package

I think the timing on this is also excellent as so many folks will be looking for additional income streams in the coming weeks, and the price is ridiculously low, making it a great lead magnet, and the terms allow you to do this. There are 5 products in the Funnel: the front end, which is at $8.00 right now, and then a bundle of 99 PLR products for $99, a graphics bundle for $19.95, PLR monthly Membership for $9.99 and the "Ultimate Reseller Package - The Membership Sites Network" for $197.

BONUS: whatever you buy, you will get an equal credit for PLR of the Month products. We will round everything up to the nearest $10 increment, so you will get $10 for the main product, $20 for the $19.95, and yes, you will get $200 in credits for the Ultimate Reseller Package. In addition - for the front end purchase - choose another one of those Lead Magnets we released last week - you know you want them ;-)
Check them out here: Bonus Lead Magnets

That's all for today - I will have today's bonus requests delivered by 4pm EST ;-)

Stay safe and warm!

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