Those lead magnet bonuses are finally here!

Hi, everyone!

The new pack of 6 low-content Lead Magnets are ready, and you can check them out here: 6 New Lead Magnets. You get the "plain" black & white version, and an "almost ready-to-go version", with cover and backgrounds already added - just add a title, and your company details and you are ready to go! How to get them? See below and get them as this week's bonuses for the promos below - and read carefully because we "upgraded" a couple of the bonuses!

As a reminder- if you purchased Aurora 2.0 (below) or The Newbie Affiliate Handbook (still available - see below!) through our link, just send your receipt along with your selection of any TWO Lead Magnets. If you have already sent your receipt in, just send your picks to [email protected], and they will be uploaded ASAP to your member area.

===>>> Corona 101 - 101 Things To In Self Isolation PLR Pack
This is a good one and you could EASILY turn this into a video lead magnet and use with Aurora 2.0 either as a lead generator or to sell the ebook! !! From Dan and Carolyn Ashendorf - highly respected content creators - this huge PLR pack which includes a 28-page ebook and ready to go newsletter for only $8.95!
Check it out here: Corona 101 - 101 Things To In Self Isolation PLR Pack
BONUS UPGRADE: Order through our link and get an expanded version of the "Quarantine Journal" I created for myself to track and plan activities, create grocery lists, track orders, medication supplies etc. Will also include at least 2 covers, and should be done late Thursday PLUS your choice of one Lead Magnet from the new bundle!

===>>> From Coach Glue - a very special release and a GREAT deal: "Simplify Your Sales! The Ultimate 4 Step Sales Process for a 6-Figure Business"
This is a 4 module course:
  • Lesson 1: How to Plan a Paid Offer That’ll Blow Their Minds
  • Lesson 2: Why You MUST Have a Related Free Webinar
  • Lesson 3: The Best Way to Seal the Deal? A Strategic Email Funnel
  • Lesson 4: 7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Webinar
It includes everything you need to launch your own course: done-for-you worksheets, checklists, exercises, sales page copy, promo emails, and more! BUT HERE IS THE BEST PART: Get $200 off with promo code: 200 and you can get it today on a 2 payment plan to go easy on your budget ;-)
Check it out here: Simplify Your Sales! The Ultimate 4 Step Sales Process for a 6-Figure Business
BONUS UPGRADE: Buy through our link and get 50% off your next purchase with us PLUS all 6 of the New Lead Magnets!

===>>> Aurora 2.0
It's been quite a while since I promoted something from Brendan Mace and/or Jono Armstrong, but I invested in this one today, and although I won't be using all of the program, it's low price of $14.95 is worth it as much for the bonuses as the software itself. It's basically a software that posts webinars to Instagram, either your own or the ones included plus training. But if you think outside the box a bit, a webinar could be a quick video on your planner offer, lead magnet etc. The bonuses include more traffic courses and another software. I don't always like everything that these guys put out, but they've built a multi-million dollar business in less than 3 years, so I do follow them, and I do learn from them, because they are good at coming up with unusual strategies.
Check it out here: Aurora 2.0
BONUS UPGRADE: Buy through our link and pick any 3 lead magnets!!


Just send your receipt to [email protected]


One last note: If you purchased the "Newbie Affiliate Handbook", the bonus lead magnets are done and you can see them HERE I will post them so you can see them and pick the 2 you want. The course/case study is good BUT - the BIG VALUE HERE IS: a downloadable list of the top 50 facebook groups for JVs and launches. This is worth it's weight in gold and worth FAR more than the price of the course!!!

The wonderful Ruthie Bowers of RitchieMedia.ca was kind enough to let me join her chat last week, and as a follow-up, she has a gift for everyone: Gift From Ruthie! No Optin needed - just download!

===>>> From Publish for Prosperity: Developing An Abundance Mindset. This is going to be so important in the coming weeks, as people need to regain their winning mindset and focus on regaining control over their lives and their finances.

That should be enough to keep you out of trouble for a while!

Please stay safe and follow the CDC directions, and we will get through this!

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