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Since the first of the year, I have signed up for several different courses/coaching programs, and seriously? It's been a joke! I am really going to have to write a long blog post on our adventures but the latest one is really pretty funny: I had been looking at this course for quite a while because several respected names in the personal dev space are promoting it, and because:

This is what the sales page says:
World's Most Comprehensive Collaboration Calendar ($5,000 value)
This is the list of almost every event, webinar, seminar, podcast, tele-summit or gift giveaway that happens for experts so you can find opportunities to get promoted every week. ($5,000 value)

I have done really, really well with events and giveaways over the past 6 months so when they came out with a monthly payment plan, we bit.

Guess what the calendar includes? One listing under "Telesummits/Virtual Events/Giveaways - April 7-9, and one listing under "Launches". I do not think this qualifies in any universe as a comprehensive list of ANYTHING! There were two live launches listed (both by the people selling this training) and a bunch of generic podcast listings. In the JV partner directory - only a couple of people showed list sizes over the base category (0-499) and the person that claimed the largest list also listed no website and a social following of about 5 peeps. Yikes. Oh and did I mention that this is $197 per month and boasts testimonials from some well-known names in the personal dev space?

I had hoped that this would be a good resource and something that we could share with everyone but nope. Won't out them here - but if you want more details - hit reply and I will let you know who to avoid. And some of the other coaching courses were so bad, it was apparent that they never read their own sales letters. LOL the search continues....


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    Here's some of my other fave picks from this week:
    ===>>> Pick up Candace Fowler's adorable new coloring pages: Fuzzy Friends Of Australia! These are so cute and Candace is donating 10% to Animals Australia which is helping the animals displaced by the recent fires. BONUS: You will get the current 10 kidz covers, or if you have the first set, you can get the second set, which I just finished this morning. Just send your receipt to [email protected]

    ===>>> From Publish for Prosperity: Developing An Abundance Mindset. This is going to be so important in the coming weeks, as people need to regain their winning mindset and focus on regaining control over their lives and their finances.

    GOODIE LIST......
    • The wonderful Ruthie Bowers of RitchieMedia.ca was kind enough to let me join her chat last week, and as a follow-up, she has a gift for everyone: Gift From Ruthie! No Optin needed - just download!

    • The Lockdown Profits Giveaway is still going on - and it now has almost 200 gifts from some of the top names in Internet Marketing today! Matt Bacak, Anthony McCarthy, David Perdew and many more! We have a REALLY nice gift on page 2, if you haven't picked it up yet! Get it all here!!

    That's all for today - more manana!

    Please stay safe and follow the CDC directions, and we will get through this!

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