Hi, Everyone!

Spring is finally here, and my shins are killing me from yesterday's hilly trek, but in a good way! LOL just so nice to be able to get outside finally. The park was busy with signs posted to practice social distancing, and people definitely were. I hope you are finding the same wherever you may be.

As promised, I have worked up a bonus for the new Tools For Motivation (Justin Popovich) new release "Highly Sensitive", detailed below. I also purchased the just-launched "Newbie Affiliate Handbook" which was just released on WarriorPlus today. Now, to be very honest, this is NOT the kind of product that I would normally review for us, but one of the people involved is Richard Fairbairn, a marketer that I have watched grow an amazing business over the last couple of years more as an affiliate than as a product creator, even though he has actually launched a couple of pretty successful software products. So I decided to give this one a go and will let you know tomorrow if it is worth your time. (money we can make more of, time we cannot, so in the long run, it is more valuable!)

Justin Popovich's newest PLR release, "Highly Sensitive" is a product that I think is very timely for our current circumstances. 'Highly Sensitive' people feel and experience the world with greater intensity than most, are highly empathetic, and are often anxious and exhausted from sensory overload. This bundle is huge and includes a 6000 word editable Ebook, companion workbook, an 'enhanced' version of the ebook with images, 3 articles and more!
===>>>OUR BONUS: A companion Journal/Workbook, in 2 different designs, done and ready to go, either as a lead magnet to promote the Ebook, or as an added bonus. This is a brand new Workbook, created just for this bonus offer.
Get it HERE and send your receipt to [email protected] (Bonus will be delivered Wednesday)

Here's some of my other fave picks from this week:
===>>> Pick up Candace Fowler's adorable new coloring pages: Fuzzy Friends Of Australia! These are so cute and Candace is donating 10% to Animals Australia which is helping the animals displaced by the recent fires. BONUS: You will get the current 10 kidz covers, or if you have the first set, you can get the second set when they are available this weekend. Just send your receipt to [email protected]

===>>> From Lynette at ThriveAnywhere.com comes this gorgeous Wedding Planner. Use promo code: WEDDING for $10 off (Expires End of day, Tuesday, April 7th) Get it HERE!

    BONUS: Buy through our link - and get 10 additional covers - color-coordinated to match Lynette's design. Just send your receipt to [email protected]. Bonus will be ready Sunday.

    ===>>> From Publish for Prosperity: Developing An Abundance Mindset. This is going to be so important in the coming weeks, as people need to regain their winning mindset and focus on regaining control over their lives and their finances.

    ===>> From Content Sparks Day 9 of Sharyn's Anniversary sale. Today's special is one that I have and love: Content visibility Boosters - 32 Tactics To Get In Front Of Your Audience! You can easily create a course or challenge with this one - it is perfect content to build a list with! Plus, you can still get Days 1 to 8 - along with all their add-on specials Content Sparks Anniversary Sale!

    • The wonderful Ruthie Bowers of RitchieMedia.ca was kind enough to let me join her chat last week, and as a follow-up, she has a gift for everyone: Gift From Ruthie! No Optin needed - just download!

    • Do not miss this!! Over the past 6 months, I have grown my list from 350 to over 3,000 by participating in every giveaway and bundle event that I can find! Rich and Iman at the JV Insider Circle have just launched the Collaboration Circle where you can network with coaches, authors, speakers, and consultants from around the world to find joint venture partners, add more clients, and grow your business all for free (my favorite price!!) Check it out here: Collaboration Circle

    • The Lockdown Profits Giveaway is still going on - and it now has almost 200 gifts from some of the top names in Internet Marketing today! Matt Bacak, Anthony McCarthy, David Perdew and many more! We have a REALLY nice gift on page 2, if you haven't picked it up yet! Get it all here!!

    That should be enough to keep you busy for a while today, and do look for the launch round-up newsletter later today -

    Please stay safe and follow the CDC directions, and we will get through this!

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