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10 Kids Covers!

Hi, Everyone!

I hope this finds everyone staying safe and socially distant! The news reports today are indicating that although we have LONG ways to go - there may actually be a slight decrease in new cases, due to the mandated "social distancing". No, we are not out of the woods yet, but it is a bit of hope that what we are doing is working, and that is definitely good news for us all.

If you missed my Zoom chat with Ruth Bowers (RitchieMedia.ca) Monday, you missed a wonderful session! LOTS of great questions and interaction with the whole group. Ruthie is so knowledgeable and so sharing, it was really a lot of fun, and judging by the feedback, I think everyone learned a lot as well. Always wonderful when you get a group together willing to share and help everyone. Hopefully, we can do it again in the not-too-distant future.

Many folks had some issues this past weekend, thanks to some regional network outages, and were unable to get to the check out page for the new planner, or get the BIG coloring pages gift, so holding BOTH open to the end of the week!!

===>>> Prayer Warrior's Planner & Journal
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===>>> Use promo code COLORMEHAPPY and get COLORIST HEAVEN #2 for FREE!!!! This was one of our biggest sellers ever, and still is, but I thought everyone could use a little something to put a smile on your faces! And - YES!! - you have full PLR rights to these so enjoy and make some money ;-)

Free Webinar: I think the last one is coming up at 8pm EST TONIGHT: Ultimate Bundles
is launching their "Grow Your Business Bundle" next week, and the free pre-launch webinar is EXCELLENT! "
How to Find the ONE Big Thing You Should be Focused on in Your Business" is a live (not fake-live) webinar that is really timely, and not just a pitch fest. Check it out here: How to Find the ONE Big Thing You Should be Focused on in Your Business

Kids Puzzle Book Software:
I love the fact that this is cloud-based, as so many similar software are PC only, which is frustrating for us Mac peeps! Please note that there are two versions available, the basic and the Pro version - if you want to create the dot-to-dot drawings shown in the sales video, you have to get the higher priced Pro version. HOWEVER.... the basic version does Sodoku and word scrambles which are very very good sellers in the adult market too ;-).
BONUS: A set of 10 covers for kids - these are done and adorable - samples above!

Tutorial Tuesday Good Reads

=== >>> SECURITY WARNING! RankMath - one of my fave SEO plugins, was reported to have a serious security hole by WordFence. Fortunately, the patch was issued within 24hrs and WordFence has given them a good rating for support response time. If you need the latest version you can get it here: RankMath

===>>> MonsterInsights: 30 Best Wordpress Plugins for 2020 (Free & Paid)
Seriously, this takes the 'long-format' blog post concept to a whole new level. Print and hang on to this one!

===>>> CupCakeTraining: In spite of the name, this is not a baking site! Instead, it's a very unique site for artisans and crafters (and planner makers?) looking for training to turn that hobby into a real business and make a boatload of sales on Etsy. Check out her story here - it may hit home for more us than we want to admit - and her free course here.

===>>> Last but not least: From Search Engine Journal - Did you know that Pinterest now offers a "Verified Merchant" Program? Learn how to get your own little 'blue checkmark' HERE and what it could mean for your business!

Please stay safe and follow the CDC directions, and we will get through this!

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