Hi, Everyone!

It's windy today, but the sun is shining. We are on Day 12 of our last exposure to other people (!), so close to being 'home free', hopefully. The wild turkeys have been in the yard all this week, along with the ducks and geese that are nesting near the pond. If you have never seen a wild turkey up close - they are gorgeous! So, we are definitely enjoying the little things more than ever right now!

The "Be Your Own Boss" Giveaway just wrapped up a few days ago and although they sent out the list of Raffle winners to everyone, I thought I better send it out, too, just in case you might have missed it - the list is quite long, so I have posted it all here
and these licky peeps have won PLR credits for PLRoftheMonth.Club in the following amounts:

Lynn Stevens ~ $100
Lorri Kerrigan ~ $50
Lexi Roark ~ $25
Chrissy Salus ~ $25

To get your codes for the credits, just drop me an email at [email protected].
And do check out the list on our website because I DO recognize quite a few names on there ;-)

Product Reviews!!
As mentioned earlier, I purchased two WP plugins this week, that I was really looking forward to testing. We have several niche blogs that are doing quite well, and I was looking for ways to pull in more content and monetize them better. The first plugin, one that I was very excited about, is WP Content Factory. I was so hopeful that I even bought one of the OTOs BEFORE I tested the plugin. And this is why you TEST before you promote anything....argghhh. There is no way to pull in content via keywords, so you could wind up with Clickbank products to cure toenail fungus on your gluten-free recipe blog - well, that is if it actually pulled in any products from Clickbank. I was honestly surprised as it is by Igor Burban, who has been producing WP plugins for a long time. I've sent a ticket to their support desk so will keep you posted!

The second one, I was not so excited about, yet it turned out to be something that I really like! This one is WP Story by Ankur Shukla. This little plugin basically lets you turn your blog posts into Instagram-like stories, making it easier for your visitors to read your content on their mobile phone or iPad. You can also add ads, products, etc in the middle of the article in a way that is much more seamless than ads in the regular post. I threw one together in about 30 seconds without even reading the directions! You can see it here - just click on the "View Story" button to see it in action.

If you like it - check it out here: WP STORY

AWESOME DEAL ALERT: A product that I did NOT need to review before mentioning is from the amazing Nicole Dean. This is part of her new Content Drafts product line: Get Positive! How to Reframe your Mind to Reframe Your Day. I don't know about you, but it was tough getting back into work mode this past week. I normally have a focus level that is so intense a bomb could go off under the desk, and I would never notice - but not for the past week. This collection of done-for-you content starts with a 10 question self-assessment quiz and includes a mega 2200 word blog post, plus 5 'regular' posts and then posts optimized for Facebook and Twitter. Use coupon code: GETPOSITIVE to get $7 off.

===>>> Get Positive! How to Reframe your Mind to Reframe Your Day.

I forgot to add this to yesterday's newsletter, but I have been invited to be a guest speaker on Ruthie Bower's Monday Zoom chat Monday at 2 p.m. EDT.
Come join us to chat about the planner/PLR biz & anything else that pops up: https://zoom.us/j/7811728206. We will also have some free goodies for everyone that stops in to visit!

Free Webinar: Ultimate Bundles
is launching their "Grow Your Business Bundle" next week, and the free pre-launch webinar is EXCELLENT! "
How to Find the ONE Big Thing You Should be Focused on in Your Business" is a live (not fake-live) webinar that is really timely, and not just a pitch fest. Check it out here:https://ultimatebundles.com/sale/biz2020-webinar-registration?a_aid=5d8fb68d45586&a_bid=48b31982

===>>> Today is the LAST DAY to use promo code COLORMEHAPPY and get COLORIST HEAVEN #2 for FREE!!!! This was one of our biggest sellers ever, and still is, but I thought everyone could use a little something to put a smile on your faces! And, YES!!, I forgot to add that you have full PLR rights to these so enjoy and make some money ;-)

Stay safe and have a good weekend, everyone!

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