Hi, Everyone!

First up this am - a couple of housekeeping issues:
• I am sorry to say that several folks were having issues connecting to our website, and were unable to complete their purchase of the new Toolkit #12, apparently due to regional network outages yesterday. Hate to say it, but I guess we should be expecting these issues with so many people home right now! Anyway, due to this, we are extending the Early Bird pricing through the end of this week, so don't stress if you cannot get the buy button to work, you won't lose the discounted pricing!
CHECK IT OUT HERE >>> Prayer Warrior's Planner & Journal
Early Bird Promo Codes:
PRAYER10 for $10 off each individual planner (you can use it 7 times if you want to!)
PRAYER20 for $20 off the Super Bundle

• If you have coupons that expire March 31, and need them extended, just reach out to me at [email protected] and we will take care of you ;-). We don't ever want you to miss out!

Big News Alert ;-)

I forgot to add this to yesterday's newsletter, but I have been invited to be a guest speaker on Ruthie Bower's Monday Zoom chat Monday at 2 p.m. EDT.
Come join us to chat about the planner/PLR biz & anything else that pops up: https://zoom.us/j/7811728206. We will also have some free goodies for everyone that stops in to visit!

Free Webinar: Ultimate Bundles
is launching their "Grow Your Business Bundle" next week, and the free pre-launch webinar is EXCELLENT! "
How to Find the ONE Big Thing You Should be Focused on in Your Business" is a live (not fake-live) webinar that is really timely, and not just a pitch fest. Check it out here:https://ultimatebundles.com/sale/biz2020-webinar-registration?a_aid=5d8fb68d45586&a_bid=48b31982

===>>> Today is the LAST DAY to use promo code COLORMEHAPPY and get COLORIST HEAVEN #2 for FREE!!!! This was one of our biggest sellers ever, and still is, but I thought everyone could use a little something to put a smile on your faces! And, YES!!, I forgot to add that you have full PLR rights to these so enjoy and make some money ;-)

===>>> ContentSparks 50% Off Anniversary Sale: I LOVE Sharyn's special for today: She's offering 50% off two of her "Everything but the kitchen sink" Blaze courses: Build Your Unique Personal Brand and Build a Community Around Your Brand. The Blaze packages are the higher end Contents Sparks products, but if you want to launch your own evergreen course or coaching program, these are the perfect programs to get you started quickly! New discounted products are available every day, but Sharyn was kind enough to list them all out for us so we can plan ahead ;-)

===>>> Tools For Motivation has re-opened two very timely products for discounted pricing through the end of March: Empower Your Audience To Manage And Overcome Fear Using A Simple 5-Step Process and The Struggle For Survival Guide - Teach Your Audience to Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities. Obviously both of these are timely topics, and can be used as complementary products to workbooks and journals. These currently sell for $127 but are discounted by more than 70% through March 31st

===>>> BONUS: I am putting together 6 new Lead Magnets, and you will get your choice of any 2 Lead Magnets for each product you purchase. These will be ready by Wednesday - just send your receipts to [email protected], and I will have them all online by Wednesday so you can choose!

===>>> Kids Puzzle Book Software: I love the fact that this is cloud-based, as so many similar software are PC only, which is frustrating for us Mac peeps! Please note that there are two versions available, the basic and the Pro version - if you want to create the dot-to-dot drawings shown in the sales video, you have to get the higher priced Pro version. HOWEVER.... the basic version does Sodoku and word scrambles which are very very good sellers in the adult market too ;-).
BONUS: A set of 10 covers for kids - almost done, Monday at the latest - and they are really turning out cute!


I will be sending out my software review email later today ;-)

Stay safe and have a good weekend, everyone!

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