Hi, Everyone!

Yea! With little fanfare, we released the new "Prayer Warrior's Planner & Journal" last night, and I am happy to report that it has been very well received. I think the timing is good for products of any type that offer solace, support and hope in the current circumstances. There were so many interruptions in getting this one done, that I finally said 'enough' and released it, but you can also be assured that I have a couple of more bonuses in the works that I will be adding over the weekend ;-).

Check it out here: Prayer Warrior's Planner & Journal and use these promo codes for Early Bird discount through midnight March 31:

PRAYER10 for $10 off each individual planner (you can use it 7 times if you want to!)
PRAYER20 for $20 off the Super Bundle

Coming up: Yes, I am working on a bonus for the new Kids Puzzle Book software from Ken, and another for Sharyn's Anniversary Sale over at Content Sparks. So if you are thinking about buying - you might want to wait until Saturday ;-)

Be sure to read all the way to the end of this Friday Freebie list for a special one ;-)

And now for some Friday Freebies

===>>> CreativeFabrica: an adorable Spring Bunny Set - this is one you want!!
and two new fonts I love: Cloudy Nights and Wintersoul

===>>> DesignBundle: Easter Coloring Book for the Kiddies (or us older kids!) - a whopping 35 pages of printable fun. Comes with Commercial license, but make sure read this to see if it fits what you want to do with it!

===>>> AppSumo: Ok, I was going to pick out a couple of cool things here, but forget that. They have amped up their freebies so much it is ridiculous! Just set aside 30 minutes to peruse and find all kinds of useful goodies here - all for that wonderful price of $$ZERO$$ ;-)

For the next 3 days ONLY - use promo code COLORMEHAPPY and get COLORIST HEAVEN #2 for FREE!!!! This was one of our biggest sellers ever, and still is, but I thought everyone could use a little something to put a smile on your faces!

Almost caught up on emails.....just a few more to go - should have all answered by this evening.

Stay safe and have a good weekend, everyone!

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