Hi, Everyone!

Well, it is finally done and live! The much-promised and way over-due "Prayer Warrior's Planner & Journal". Since I started work on this, I have spent more than 8 working days on essential tasks related to the COVID-19 situation. I never dreamed when I announced this one that I would spend some much time diverted to something else, but no matter what - family has to come first! I am so grateful for the various delivery folks that made getting groceries, meds and pet supplies to my 85 year old mother in Florida possible!!

The Prayer Warrior's Planner & Journal comes with 15 planner templates, 8 all-new Design Kits and a really terrific bonus: a massive (and time-consuming) Bible Reading Tracker for both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

And although the two designs above are pretty femme - we also have some great designs for the guys out there as well!

We also have a special bonus from our friend Lynette at ThriveAnywhere - after purchasing, you will find on the download page a $10 promo code for her recent "Pray The Word" journal. This is a very different and very complementary product to this one.

And of course - special subscriber pricing from today through March 31:

Use Promo Code: PRAYER10 for $10 off each individual planner (you can use it 7 times if you want to!)

Use Promo Code: PRAYER20 for $20 off the Super Bundle


Prayer Warrior's Planner & Journal

Note: if you want to buy more than one individual planner, please check out for each planner separately. This is the only way the cart will take $10 of EACH planner.

BONUS REMINDER...if you have an outstanding bonus from Lynette's launch - please choose your bonus planner and let me know which one you want!

Last but not least - if you would like to promote it, the details are in your affiliate center. WE PAY COMMISSIONS FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR REFERRALS. This means that your customers remain yours even if they buy through the newsletter at a later date ;-)

If you emailed me recently and have not had a response yet - I will be catching up tomorrow!!

Stay safe!

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