Yes, that flying piggie is back and excited because we have all kinds of digital goodies for you to stock up on today - at no cost! So far this week: hubby had surgery (all ok!), a "TAKE SHELTER NOW" tornado alert Thursday night (and yeah, guess how much sleep we did NOT get that night!), and oh yeah, COVID-19.

But hey! We are all ok, my grandson turns 17 today (how did THAT happen??) and Chewy.com delivered my kitty food this am so we all good! The secret is just go with the flow, and adapt, adapt, adapt.

===>>> If you missed this yesterday: No need to optin - a little gift of Easter Printables from us to you ;-) You can share with others, surprise friends and family with a hand-written note, or anything else you can think of. Yours to use and enjoy with full PLR.

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BIG SALES: 50% off on what I think is one of Coach Glue's best "Teach Your Tribe" Kits: How To Create Your First or Next $100/ Month Membership Program. This one is awesome and is discounted by 50% until Sunday. If you have any plans to create a membership at any time - you won't want to miss this sale! It's a step by step guide to everything from choosing the topic to setting it up. Granted, I am a total CoachGlue fan, but this really is one of my faves.

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Until next time - stay warm and stay safe!

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