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If you haven't checked it out yet, the "Be Your Own Boss" Giveaway ends tomorrow - and there are some really well-known coaches and authors involved in this one. We also have a VERY nice gift in there so well worth a few minutes to check it out. There is also a major raffle after the event with more than $24,000 in courses, classes and coaching being given away, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you can do so here:
===>>> Be Your Own Boss Giveaway

As I mentioned earlier this week, I purchased a couple of new products and wanted to give them a spin before mentioning them to you, but I took the time today to put them through their paces, and I like them both, in fact, one I REALLY like.

The first is VIDSELL by Mike McKay, and Radu Hahauanu, and it basically is a Content Samurai style of software but with a one time fee. I love Content Samurai, so that is a big endorsement from me! Technically, the software can create a video out of any article, and it can hunt for articles from your keyword BUT for our purposes, I uploaded our own article on journaling, and then added our own product images, and added a voiceover. It took under 5 minutes (and this was while learning the software), and it spit out a GREAT marketing video! I bought the front end (under $17!!) and the first upsell which submits you to more than 200 social media sites. But I really love the ease of use, and the 20 templates included in the basic offer. Great deal!! (BTW - LOTS of upsells, ignore them! The only one I bought was the one above).

===>>> VIDSELL

And as many of you know - I love anything Wordpress, so I jumped on this one! The second one is from Omar & Melinda Martin - JVZoo "Super Sellers". This one is a Wordpress plugin, Viral Traffic Boost. And to be very honest - it's really tough to do this one justice in this newsletter because it does so much more than I thought it did when I bought it! But basically, it lets you add subscribers via their Facebook details, no optin, posts your banner on their wall and THEN delivers them to whatever page you want to promote or gift you want to give them - even affiliate pages. It takes a few steps to set-up, but they actually have a pretty darned good step-by-step guide. I wasn't real sure about this at first, but once I dug into it - it really is awesome! This one has 2 options, 1 site license and 3 site, and as I recall, just one upsell for 100 licenses.

===>>> Viral Traffic Boost

Get either of these and get a coupon for 30% off ANY purchase on PLR of the Month, good for 12 months! Just send your receipt to [email protected]

A new giveaway to share with you tomorrow!

Stay in and stay well - and be grateful for the internet!

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