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Major Announcement from Coach Glue:

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New Launch from Tools For Motivation


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It's a bit of a bizarre coincidence that Justin Popovich's newest product, Overcoming Loneliness deals with something that is going to be a real issue for many in the coming weeks of isolation. Loneliness is a very real issue for many people already, particularly at both spectrums of adulthood: the young adults (16-24) and older adults (65+). Young adults often experience it as they are going through a transitional time (college, jobs) that often sees them moving to new locations, away from their families and friends that they grew up with. Older adults experience it as they may move to a retirement location - or worse, they begin to outlive friends and family.

And right now, with mandatory 'social distancing', businesses closing, and people shut in their homes? This is going to cause even the most social among us to begin to feel loneliness, and this content can help us to help everyone else!

For those of us that work from home, our schedules may not change much - but what if you enjoy your office job and suddenly find yourself at home for the next 6 weeks? How would you cope? Not everyone has kids that will be home from school or a spouse to kibitz with.

"Overcoming Loneliness" is a topic that is going to be trending in the coming weeks, and you can help others by sharing this content, and making it readily available.

"Overcoming Loneliness" is a massive package that could easily be turned into a full course or coaching program. And although I think the topic is of particular interest right now - the truth is that this is an EVERGREEN product, that you can earn from for years to come. This is truly a pillar topic that you can build an entire business around.

Get $10 off TODAY ONLY with promo code: OVERCOME

===>>> Overcoming Loneliness

There is much that you can do with this without having to re-write the content, but you will want new covers, so that is what we are going to offer: 10 new covers, easily worth $50 if you were to try and buy them on Fiverr, and more if you hired a graphic designer to do them. Covers will be done and available no later than Monday.

Another Major Announcement from Coach Glue:
If you wanted to get their VIP package, but could not swing the full payment right now - they have brought back their PAYMENT PLAN!!!

To get your bonuses, just send your receipts to [email protected]

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