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Good morning!

Just a quick one this am, but I wanted to give everyone a peek at a couple of the graphics that are part of the 90 piece Cover/Background/Title Banner set that we are giving as the bonus when you get April Lemarr's Content Creation Collection Toolbox through our link. I am about 1/3 of the way through, and will have the rest done today. If you have alreayd sent us your receipts, I am going to upload the first 10 sets shortly and will be sending out emails to you as I load them to your account, and you will be able to access the final batch through the same link when I finish them later today is live NOW through March 17th.

There are also 2 upsells, and we will throw in a $10 credit for the first upsell, and a $25 for the second upsell. Just send your receipts to [email protected]

Ends March 17, so get it now:
Content Creation Collection Toolbox

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Getting GREAT reviews on this one: Barb Ling and Dennis Becker released a very inexpensive guide to using the GumRoad marketplace today. GumRoad looks very promising and very easy to start selling (easier than Etsy I think!). 63 pages long, written in a 'cheat sheet' sort of style, but a lot of good info if you want to expand to a new marketplace. Check it out here: GUMROAD1: 101 Ways To Profit With GumRoad

And don't forget the FREE "Be Your Own Boss" Giveaway. I am participating in this one, and I like the fact that there is a good variety of products available AND I am not getting buried in spam either. Definitely better than what you normally see with free giveaways! There are also some really good raffle prizes available so you might want to check this one out! Be sure to download our free planner and other surprises, too!

That's it for now - stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy! Now more than ever, we can be grateful for our home-based businesses!

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