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As I have watched the news unfolding today, including the cancellation of the Cincinnati Reds' iconic "Opening Day Parade", I am grateful for the opportunity to work from home, and to help others to do the same. I had some shopping to do, and was so impressed at Target as I saw their staff running from check stand to check stand wiping down counters and card readers. And then I saw the quote above and I thought we all needed a bit of a chuckle today.

As promised this morning, I wanted to share a few different ways to re-purpose your content that you may not have thought of yet!

Everyone knows about Amazon and Etsy, but you can also use those inspirational quotes and gorgeous graphic designs on purses, furniture, shower curtains, rugs and wall art at Society6 and ShopVida.com.

Or how about wallpaper at PrintedMint? Or maybe your own line of outdoor pillows and rugs from Gooten.com?

And if you want to stick with planners and journals - most of these print-on-demand companies also offer notebooks, spiral-bound books, notecards and other similar products that make great companion pieces to your primary product line.

If there is one thing I have learned in the 20+ years that I have been making a living online - it's that multiple revenue streams is where my comfort zone is at! The more buy buttons you have out there? The more sales you are going to make!! So think outside the box, expand your products and maximize those buy buttons!

BTW - Barb Ling and Dennis Becker released a very inexpensive guide to using the GumRoad marketplace today. I purchased this morning and have to admit I was not familiar with this one, but it looks very promising and very easy to start selling (easier than Etsy I think!). 63 pages long, written in a 'cheat sheet' sort of style, but a lot of good info if you want to expand to a new marketplace. Check it out here: GUMROAD1: 101 Ways To Profit With GumRoad

And of course the BIG launch today was April LeMarr's HUMONGOUS new "Content Creation Collection Toolbox" Bundle!

Fabulous bundle: $2200 in value for only $27!! More than 40 contributors and some of the leading names in the PLR biz (and yes we are in there too!). This newsletter is already too long, so won't list it all out again here, but it is a MONSTER!!

The Content Creation Collection Toolbox is live NOW through March 17th and (of course) we have a bonus for you, too! Buy through our link, and we will send you a massive bundle of 30 all-new Cover designs, with matching backgrounds and title banners, so a total of 90 new graphics! These will be ready for download Sunday!

There are also 2 upsells, and we will throw in a $10 credit for the first upsell, and a $25 for the second upsell. Just send your receipts to [email protected]

Get it now:
Content Creation Collection Toolbox

Back tomorrow with some Friday Freebies!

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