A word that rattled my cage for many years, but the last 20+ years now? Not at all!
In fact, if it weren't for the calendar on the wall next to my desk...I probably would not know what day it is most of the time! I pretty much live what I refer to as an 'integrated' lifestyle meaning I work whenever I need to, whether it's Wednesday from 10am to 6pm or Saturday from 6am to 10pm. I don't worry much about the hours or the time of the day, or the day of the week, as long as I meet my commitments, enjoy what I am doing, get the bills paid - and make it to my grandson's ball game ;-)

Yeah, I kinda love this internet thing LOL

News Updates:
~ I think the bugs are all finally & totally squished from the server move. I don't think I even realized how stressed I was over it all until it was done, and I realized that I was so tired because I had maybe slept about 10 hrs over 4 days. Slept like a log last night and looking forward to more of the same tonight!

~ The SEO/Traffic Collaboration Group: We had about 20 people complete the forms for this, and I think about 20 different desired times/days for the sessions! SOOOO....I think we start with the first Zoom session this Thursday at 4pm EST, and probably rotate days and times to try and give everyone a chance to participate, including weekends until the grandsons' baseball schedule kicks in! If you want to join in - sign up here: Traffic & SEO Collab. This is open to everyone of ANY level of expertise!! There is no cost to join or participate! And (fingers crossed) we will record all sessions for later viewing ;-)

~ By popular request, our next major planner release is going to be a new 2020 version of the Faith Family Planner, tentative launch date of March 21. Be sure to register as an affiliate if you want to promote!

In the meantime - here's some great free offers for you today:

From Justin Popovich, we have 10 free articles on "The Power of Kindness".
Free content from Justin? What better way to start your weekend??

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===>>> And this is a great read to prepare for the SEO Collab Group: 20 (FREE) Things You Need To Do After Launching Your Ecommerce Website

===>>> I am a Pinterest idiot - love the site but have never used it for marketing but that is going to change after reading this: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Followers On Pinterest

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That's it for today! Have a great roundup of Wordpress Plugins coming your way soon - hopefully tomorrow!
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