It's Saturday Already!!

No, really it is, and I am not ready for it yet! The events (or non-events, depending on how you look at it) of the past week sort of destroyed my schedule, so once again - I have another excuse to be working on the computer instead of cleaning house. Hmmmm....sounds suspiciously liked I planned this..... ;-)

We do have blue skies today, but it's still nippy out, although the temps are heading upwards, and hopefully, we can get enough break from the rain this week to get outside for some trail work. The gym is fine but I really do prefer my running outside.

In the meantime - here's some great free offers for you today:

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===>>> From CoachGlue: 21 Ways to Get More Coaching Clients With Instagram
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===>>> From Content Sparks: 50 Places To Promote Your Free Kindle Book
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That's it for today! Have a wonderful weekend!
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