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Let's just dive right into the GOOD stuff because
I am tired of whining about my website ;-)

Great Content!
===>>> Coach Glue's Free 7 Day Content Repurposing Challenge: How to Convert Every Blog Post into 6 Different Pieces of Content for Your Business! This is good, really, really good!

===>>> Elegant Themes: What Is An IP Address? I think we all know the basics but this goes into detail - and had a lot to do with some of the issues this week.

===>>> From Publish To Prosperity:
Using Prinbtables tp Boost Conversions and Sales

===>>> Podcasts to Listen to (at the gym, grocery shopping, cleaning house?):
Confession: I am not a big podcast person, but I hate the elliptical bike at the gym, because it is tough, which is why I spend more time on it than the treadmill. Interesting podcasts make it almost) bearable. Here's my latest finds:
The Search Engine Journal Show
My First Million (by the founder of Trends and The Hustle)

Design Goodies:
===>>> From DesignCuts: A gorgeous new font with commercial use rights, Maldives
===>>> From DealFuel.com:
1) Adorable watercolor Easter graphics - commercial use ok with credit to the artist, so may not be suitable for everything but these are really cute!
2) Gorgeous watercolor backgrounds
3) Use PhotoShop? 600 FREE Brushes!

===>>> Going Bye-Bye TONIGHT

(Price will increase by 80% then!)

Justin Popovich's Common Sense Time Management special ENDS TONIGHT!!!! At just $17 its a steal! Here's the full breakdown - and Justin added to his bonus so we added to ours as well:
  • 6000 word eBook about Time Management
  • eBook Cover Graphics including editable versions
  • Enhanced eBook, Ready To Publish eBook (all of the above plus graphically enhanced for visual appeal)
  • List of all royalty-free images used in the Enhanced eBook
  • Student Workbook
  • Time Management Tips Lead Magnet Report
  • eCover Graphics for all of the above (editables included)
  • 10 Pre-written emails - Autoresponder series

Summary Of The Bonuses...From Justin:

  • Bonus 1: 3 articles/audios related to Time Management
  • Bonus 2: Entrepreneur Balance mini report
  • Bonus 3: Use Time Wisely self-help tips report
  • Bonus 4: Your choice of any $47 bundle from our store
  • Note: All 4 bonuses will be taken down when the offer closes at midnight PST
BONUS UPGRADE From US!! You will get a new 2-pager/7 day weekly spread with hourly scheduling, PLUS weekly overview template, and 6 sets of covers and backgrounds for you. The 4 additional cover sets will be in your download area FRIDAY and yes, you can use the graphics for other projects too.
===>>> Common Sense Time Management

TO GET YOUR BONUSES: send your receipts and your selections (if applicable) to: [email protected]. We will normally reply the same day with your bonus!

Have a wonderful weekend! And yes, I have serious spring housecleaning on the agenda this weekend....unless a better option comes along, LOL!!
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