Warm wishes and marshmallow kisses
Yes, it's officially counting down towards Christmas now, so I am in my 'marshmallow and hot chocolate' season. Expect more messages like this one ;-)

Ok, I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I am not a Facebook person. Yeah, I know, I should be but I am not. In fact, I get on Facebook and my eyes glaze over at the sheer volume of stuff in my feed. From cats on robovacs to the latest ways to make a gazillion dollars in the next 15 minutes, I just tune it all out.

Which is why I totally NEED Coach Glue's latest 12 Days of Christmas special offer - and this is a BIG discount for a HUGE bundle:

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Coach Glue's 4 Week Facebook Flop to Fabulous – $220 Off

Whether you want to master Facebook yourself or teach others, this is a full "done-for-you workshop" that guides you down the path of creating a highly-engaging Facebook presence in just 30 days flat, and it's available today only for $77 - a huge discount from the normal $297 price!

To sweeten the pot, purchase through our link today and receive THREE $10 coupon codes for our products PLUS 15 new never-before-released holiday coloring pages (Available for download Monday, December 9. Yep, I will be busy in my workshop over the weekend ;D

Click here for full details:

Coach Glue's 4 Week Facebook Flop to Fabulous – $220 Off

And here's the rest of the week's specials:
Stay warm and have a wonderful week!
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