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So, seriously, between shopping (online and off), eating, shopping and eating (a lot) this is pretty much what I feel like today...ugh.....I am so hitting the gym...tomorrow.....

LOL, I bet a lot of you know exactly what I mean!

Now...on to the subject line of this email...I've had this happen to me before, but not to the extent that it did over the last 3 days....I clicked on a link in an email and was sent directly to the checkout page of the offer. Not the sales page, just right to the checkout, meaning that I had no chance to check out the full features and functionality of the product.

But this only gets worse: in almost every instance, the vendor was using a third-party shopping cart such as Infusionsoft or Kartra, and did not go to the trouble/expense of setting up their own domain name...or add their logo, company name or URL to the checkout page.....this meant that unless I had the time to do some SERIOUS digging to find the vendor, the only brand this company's sales efforts were promoting was the shopping cart they were using!

Think about this: how often have you purchased something and wanted to see what else the company offered? So you went to the home page of the URL in your browser? I do it all the time, especially in the PLR niche.

But what do you do when the URL is Infusionsoft or Kajabi or Kartra?? Yep, you are very often out of luck, especially if the offer was promoted by one of their affiliates....So, instead of purchasing, this very interested customer left.

So, just saying this:
Think twice about the URL your customer sees:
Is it your brand or someone else's??

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Stay warm and have a wonderful week!
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