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Hi, everyone!

Don't get me wrong, I can shop with the best of them...but I really love being able to get 99% of my shopping done online! My hubby does most of the shopping for the grandsons (easy - video games & NFL jerseys) while I was busy finding the best software and services deals for our businesses. All in all, I think we used our time (and money!) very well, and I am very, very happy with what we have purchased so far, although I still have my eye on a couple of more items, so not done yet!

But if you are like me, it's time for a break from shopping, and I really just do not want to sort through any more sales pages today!

So, I went through my newsletters of the past week and found some really great content to share instead of hitting you with another 'Deal of the Year' email ;-)

Here are my picks of the best content I read this week - and yes, there is a theme here of SEO and traffic, because without traffic....we have no business!

1. 100 Great Content Marketing Examples & Ideas [Interactive] from GrowthBadger.com

2. From OrbitMedia.com - How To Write an Article that Ranks High (13 Steps For Writing SEO Articles)

3. Types of Content Hubs: 5 Approaches and 30 Examples from ContentHarmony.com (Really a great read if you are just starting a blog or simply struggling to find an easy to manage and reader-friendly format for your current blog)

4. From Moz, the leaders in the SEO world: Intro to SEO Competitive Analysis 101 (Includes a free guide and free SEO audit template - and be sure to check out all of the FREE SEO Tools here

5. Last but not least - this one is an EYE-opener - and not at all what I was expecting!! What 3.25 Billion Site Visits Tell Us About Google, Facebook, and Where Different Niches Get Their Traffic

I hope you find time to read and share the articles above, as they are all GREAT reads and worth the time.

And another item that is worth your time - I recently picked up Connie Regan Green's course "Syndication Optimization", and really excellent. I will be doing a bit of a review on it tomorrow, but I want to put together a bonus for it first, so if you don't have it yet, wait until my newsletter to pick it up so you can get the bonus!!

More tomorrow - rock your Saturday!
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