Hi Everyone!

Wow - the $5 Flash sale is going great - and if you are a cat person, you will want to be sure to catch tomorrow's sale - it's my favorite one yet! Day #4 is still available until 11am tomorrow: My Moment of Joy & Gratitude Mini Planner & Journal.See Details HERE

On to our Round-up:
From the WordStream blog: the popup will net you a great report on "Hacking Google Ads - How to Get a (Near) Perfect Quality Score". After you sign up for that, read the excellent article "95+ Ideas for Google Ads Lists". You will also want to get your currents ads graded, too - an eye-opening exercise if you use Google ads!

From ThriveHive: A free report: "50+ Holiday Marketing Ideas" - although TH is mainly focused on local marketing, there are a lot of creative ideas here that can be used online - or shared with clients!

From my favorite Wordpress SEO plugin, RANKMATH: Great article: "How to Conduct an SEO Audit" and "How To Get Google To Crawl Your Site Instantly". RankMath, it is a free SEO plugin from well-established WP theme & plugin designers, MyThemeShop.com.

And last but not least, from my heroes at AppSumo: I love list articles like this one "Productivity Hacks from a Tiny Team that Launches 100+ Startups/Year". Great article and some services that I was not familiar with but will definitely be checking out. Also, a great reminder that you do NOT need a big budget to get your business launched ;-)

Hope you had an awesome weekend, and an even better week!
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