So....it started out innocently enough:
I really like Justin Popvich's latest PLR release Brain Fix, it's a very interesting product that I think has several different niche applications, so I thought I would throw together a quick little bonus for it. Notice the words 'quick' and 'little' in that sentence...sigh.....the 'little' bonus is now a 90 page/30 day workbook that contains 30 Daily Memory Boosters which consists of 120 words and 90 images, plus 30 "Word of the Day" with definitions, etc., meal and activity trackers. etc, etc, etc. It is not tiny nor was it quick, but it IS really good!

So here's the deal: Buy Brain Fix through our link and get the bonus - I am working on the covers now, and will be done later today. Just send your receipt to [email protected] to get it!

I will be launching this as a new product next week with additional Design Kits - but it really is an awesome product to bundle with Brain Fix!!

Great Resource I Just Found:
Podcasts, both hosting and guesting, are a great way to build your audience and your brand, but finding guests for your own podcast and guesting opportunities is not always that easy - check out PodcastGuests.com It's only $9.99 month for guest listings and access to their directory and inviting a guest to your podcast is free!

And a couple of great free trainings from Alice at PublishforProsperity.com:
6 Ways To Turn Your PLR into Video
2 Case Studies for Us Camera-Shy Peeps:
Video Results without Appearing on Camera (1)
Video Marketing Results without Appearing in Video
Yes, I know video is great for making sales, but I hate it anyway. Sorry. So these are great case studies!!

Product recommendation:
Most of us are running WordPress websites, and if you are like me, you have more than one, and probably a few dozen plugins on every website. I recently purchased Matt Garrett's Blog Defender, and I am really, really impressed with it. It protects your WP sites against 99% of the threats out there, and unlike most premium plugins these days you can use it on all of your sites and your clients sites. Matt is a highly regarded WP developer, and this is a steal! Check it out here

Now I have to go fix my broken website...yep, the Divi update today broke the darned thing....it functions from the visitor side but cannot edit anything...like salespages...arrggghhh. Running a biz ain't for the faint of heart, folks!

That's it for today - stay warm and dry!
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