Happy Hump Day!

And no, there are no unicorns here today, BUT...one of my subscribers wrote yesterday to say that the concept of 'organic' traffic (yesterday's newsletter topic) is about as believable as...(yep, you are already ahead of me, aren't you?)...UNICORNS.

Possibly, but my page views have tripled over the last 90 days, with only a few minor changes to my website, and if nothing else it's a chance for some networking with other product creators, and maybe share a virtual cup of coffee or two? At this point, we have enough folks interested to give it a shot and I will be setting up a signup page before the end of the week. This will be a no-cost venture for all ;-) - see the second half of the newsletter for more details.....and yes, we will try to hold sessions across different time zones and day/evening as well so we can make it work for everyone.

===>>> Bonus Alert!! If you have not checked out Justin Popovich's latest release, Brain Fix, you really want to take a look - not just for the content, but his PLR training course is included and it is really excellent - it's a 4-Part video training series that covers some of his best advice about PLR Implementation.

Buy Brain Fix through our link and get our special bonus: I am putting together a companion 30-day planner that goes beyond the included Workbook, and I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out! I am alternating between image and words for the daily 'Memory Boosters" and adding other similar activities into a regular daily schedule, with 3 cover designs, of course. Yes, you could do it yourself - but it's so much easier to let me do it, right? I should be done Thursday at the latest - just send me your receipt to [email protected] to get it!

===>>> Free Design Training!! DesignCuts is hosting a Community Hangout webinar tomorrow on creating a wedding invitation with Word: Sign Up HERE

===>> Now back to that unicorn: Traffic!!
Yesterday's newsletter focused on organic traffic via SEO and a fantastic (and inexpensive) course that I just purchased:
===>>Gotch SEO Academy: At $25 per month, this has to be the best bargain for this level of training! If you want to increase your traffic without spending a fortune on ads and grow your list - this is a great way to do it!

I suggested that we put together a regular Zoom group to work together to build our organic traffic rankings - and feedback was great! I will be putting up a signup page tomorrow and hopefully, we can schedule our first call around mid-month.

If you are up for it - drop me a note, and let's do it! It would be best if you are part of the Gotch course, but I am not going to make it a requirement.

That's it for today - stay warm and dry!
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