Hey, everyone!

I almost missed this one altogether: Justin Popovich's latest release, Brain Fix, is AMAZING!! I bought it this am, and I am so blown away! It's only $17 right now, and I would buy it just for his bonus PLR training course. He has just added a special 4-Part video training series that covers some of his best advice about PLR Implementation.

Get Brain Fix Here - Buy through our link and get our special bonus: I am putting together a companion 30-day planner that goes with the Workbook, putting the workbook activities into a regular daily schedule, with 3 cover designs, of course. Yes, you could do it yourself - but it's so much easier to let me do it, right? I should be done Thursday at the latest - just send me your receipt to [email protected] to get it!

===>> Now on to the main topic: TRAFFIC!!
Over the past month, I spent quite of bit of time going through the many SEO & traffic courses and tools that are out there. I used to be quite the SEO geek, and for many years had several sites that ranked quite highly for very competitive search terms. I actually sold most of them for a very nice price several years ago to a competitor, and for some reason never really got back into the 'game'.

Because honestly, that is exactly what it is: A. GAME.

And it's a multi-player game, between you, and the Big G, and your competitors, with ever-changing rules and a huge "Grand Prize" worth going after....free, organic traffic.

Organic traffic is generally people with a problem looking for a solution. Organic traffic = buyers. Buyers = $$$ ;-)

There are a lot of expensive courses out there, but you know what? There is a TON of fantastic free content, and if you want to dig in more - I found a couple of really GREAT inexpensive courses (yes, I bought them!) that are well done, and within my budget. (I am a cheapskate sometimes).

Here's a couple of articles that you really want to read:
From Gotch Seo: On-Page SEO Checklist for 2020. This is one of those "print it out and put it in your planner" sort of things. Seriously.

===>>Gotch SEO Academy: At $25 per month, this has to be the best bargain for this level of training! If you want to increase your traffic without spending a fortune on ads and grow your list - this is a great way to do it!

From Backlinko: How Data From Popular Keyword Research Tools Compare
This is an eye-opener! This is a huge comparative analysis study that is extremely interesting if you do any niche-driven business. Whether it's product creation or driving traffic, you will find this very interesting, and in some cases, more than a bit disturbing when looking at differences in CPCs and difficulty scores.

Also from Backlinko: - not on SEO exactly, but still traffic generating: How To Create Viral Content Checklist Isn't it amazing the stuff you can get for free??

Now, I don't know how many of you would be interested, but there is a lot that can be accomplished in the organic traffic game if we COOPERATE!! I would love to put together a regular Zoom group to work together to build our organic traffic rankings.
If you are up for it - drop me a note, and let's do it! It would be best if you are part of the Gotch course, but I am not going to make it a requirement.

That's it for today - stay warm and dry!
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