Good grief, I am SOOO far behind today, it is ridiculous!!

But since apparently a lot of folks missed the deadline for the Early Bird discount on Toolkit #11, I have re-opened the launch pricing, and will leave it up through Wednesday, Feb 5, since this is a busy weekend for many!

AND.....I have added 2 new Design Kits - if you bought the Bundle, these are already uploaded so you can access them through your member area. The 'Yoga Kitty' is joined by a Yoga Pig and a Yoga Giraffe, of course.

Just a reminder: Toolkit #11 is the new Not-So-Basic "Basic" Planner with 8 beautiful new Design Kits, new 2-page weekly spreads, 4 daily template options and more! The Design Kits are all new, and each contains 3 Covers, 3 or more Background designs (yes, some designs have special left/right designs too!), 3 Title Banners, 13 page templates plus a full page 2020 calendar.

If you get the Bundle Early Bird Deal - the cost per Design Kit is only $9.65!! You are NOT going to find a better deal anywhere!!

Buy before midnight Wednesday, February 5, and get $10off each Design Kit with promo code: TOOLKIT1110 or get $20 off the Super Bundle with promo code: TOOLKIT1120 (and you can use the $10 promo code up to 3 times!)

Check it out here:
Toolkit #11: The Not-So-Basic
"Basic" Planner

The Creative Repurposing Resource
Bundle & Summit!

This has been such a fantastic event! I was so impressed with the presentations and with the content! I am sure you have already been bombarded with emails, but if you have not checked it out yet, please do. really is wonderful 'out of the box' training on how to actually use and make money with all of the PLR we all have. Great, great concept and just a tremendous bargain at only $27. One of the best things? The presentations have been so honest and hype-free, and honestly, just simply helpful!!

And our bonus:

Since we are already giving away $75 in coupons, we figured we would do something a bit more 'unique' - so here goes:

For the front end purchase through our link: pick any Design Kit from the new Toolkit #11, and you will receive 3 NEW "Limited Edition" Design Kits that will never be sold anywhere - only available as the bonus for Ruth's event. Bonus Value of $148++ (remember - only a handful of people will get these new Design Kits!). These new Design Kits will be delivered late today, Tuesday, January 28.

Buy the Deluxe Bundle through our link: Everything from above, plus pick an additional Design Kit from Toolkit #11. Bonus Value of $185++

Full details here:

The Creative Repurposing Resource
Bundle & Summit!

As always - if you have any questions, just hit 'reply' and we will get right back to you!
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