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These are samples from the bonus for The Creative Repurposing Resource Bundle & Summit which continues today with a great lineup of speakers:
~ 2:00pm EST: Justin Popovich | Tools For Motivation
~ 2:30pm EST: Jenn Brockman | Planning Addicts
~ 3:00pm EST: ME ;-)

Stop by and join the convo! You can access the zoom room here: https://zoom.us/j/7811728206 I will be giving out a promo code for $20 at the end! But ya gotta stay til the end!

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Check it out today:
The Creative Repurposing Resource
Bundle & Summit!

And our bonus:

Since we are already giving away $75 in coupons, we figured we would do something a bit more 'unique' - so here goes:

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Other great products not
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===>> Since we are on the topic of 'Content Repurposing' - one of the best purchases I have made in quite some time has been Connie Ragan Green's course "Syndication Optimization". To say that she has over-delivered on this one is an understatement. It's only $11.99, and it's without a doubt the best investment you will make this year. 60 pages of solid info, this is one of those gems you will want to print out and refer to frequently, a series of ongoing live webinars, one on one session with Connie, and so much more!! Bonus: Buy through our link and send your receipt to [email protected], with the word 'CONNIE" in the subject line, and you will get a $10 coupon for any of our products, and if you purchase her "Authority Blogging" OTO, get $25 towards any future purchase of our products.

===>> Have you checked out Coach Glue's Planner Sale? Get $27 Off these planners with promo code 2020 (send me your receipt to get your $5 coupon for every planner you purchase via our link!).
Here are two of my favorites:
How To Repurpose Your Content Into A Book...In A Weekend!
Create Your Side Hustle Income Plan In A Weekend!
See all of the Planners HERE

===>> April's January Sale continues - send me your receipt to get your $5 coupon for every purchase you make from April! These are both great topics to spice up your planners and workbooks...
Topic: Business Article Combo
Topic: Alternative Therapies
BTW --
be sure to check out April's great article on creating in-depth articles (long format content, which the Big G loves!) using PLR HERE

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