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Good morning, everyone!

Yes! Ruthie Bowers latest event just went live: The Creative Repurposing Resource Bundle & Summit!

This is so much more than 'just' another PLR bundle! The basic bundle is worth almost $1,000 (our contribution includes THREE $25 coupons!!), and contains enough content and training to keep you busy for a couple of months, and is priced at a very affordable $27.

Obviously, you will get almost 3X that back just with our product!!

But this one has a fantastic 'deluxe' version as well, which includes training from Ruth and other leaders in our niche - worth almost $500 if you bought the courses directly - for just another $20!!

It's really an insane deal, and I hope you can take advantage of it! I am NOT going to list every product and contributor here - but I know you will recognize everyone on the list, and you will get great use out of both the content AND the training.

But Ruth has gone the extra mile to add training from many of us as well with several Zoom sessions set for this week. I will be speaking Wednesday, January 29th, at 3pm EST. (Attend and I will be giving out a promo code for $20 at the end! But ya gotta stay til the end!). The times of all of the sessions are here - to attend join us here: https://zoom.us/j/7811728206

Check it out today:
The Creative Repurposing Resource
Bundle & Summit!

And our bonus:

Since we are already giving away $75 in coupons, we figured we would do something a bit more 'unique' - so here goes:

For the front end purchase through our link: pick any Design Kit from the new Toolkit #11, and you will receive 3 NEW "Limited Edition" Design Kits that will never be sold anywhere - only available as the bonus for Ruth's event. Bonus Value of $148++ (remember - only a handful of people will get these new Design Kits!)

Buy the Deluxe Bundle through our link: Everything from above, plus pick an additional Design Kit from Toolkit #11. Bonus Value of $185++

And of course - if you already have the Toolkit #11 full bundle - just reach out, and we will work out a different bonus for you ;-)

To Collect your bonus: Send your receipt to [email protected].
As always - if you have any questions, just hit 'reply' and we will get right back to you!
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