Good morning, everyone!

First off, I have to apologize to everyone for dropping the new Toolkit with virtually no notice, but we had some delays here due to family things, and there are some big events coming up next week, so BOOM! We are dropping this today with minimal 'fanfare'! Affiliate links are up in the members area if you want to promote - you can signup or login here: Affiliate Program

Now, about Toolkit #11: we've sold a LOT of planners and printables over the past year, and we have learned a lot as well. One thing keeps coming back to us: yes, there are some 'specialty' low-content products that do well, such as wedding and faith-based planners, but overall? The best and most consistently selling products are the ones that we probably consider to be the MOST BASIC!!

I am talking about the basic format of daily, weekly, monthly templates - but our best sellers are never the plain ones you see at Staples - they are the ones you find online, the basics dressed up in beautiful graphics. Full color, backgrounds on the pages - one customer wrote that it "makes me feel a little pampered every time I use it!"

And, really, isn't that why our customers buy a gorgeous planner on Amazon instead of the basic gray one at Staples? To feel a little pampered every time they use it? To smile a little as they see a new brightly colored page come off their printer?

So, that is exactly what we have for you today: Toolkit #11 is the Not-So-Basic "Basic" Planner with 6 beautiful new Design Kits, new 2-page weekly spreads, 4 daily template options and more! The Design Kits are all new, and each contains 3 Covers, 3 or more Background designs (yes, some designs have special left/right designs too!), 3 Title Banners, 13 page templates plus a full page 2020 calendar.

And - of course! - Early Bird pricing:

Buy before midnight Monday, January 27, and get $10off each Design Kit with promo code: TOOLKIT1110 or get $20 off the Super Bundle with promo code: TOOLKIT1120 (and you can use the $10 promo code up to 3 times!)

Check it out here:
Toolkit #11: The Not-So-Basic
"Basic" Planner

As always - if you have any questions, just hit 'reply' and we will get right back to you!
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