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LOL...yes, I always send out a test 'preview' email to myself, and check all of the links but still - for some unknown reason that MUST involve gremlins - from time to time, a link gets mangled...as happened yesterday with Lynette's latest release "PROFITABLE WEBINAR WORKBOOK". It's on launch special pricing through Tuesday - take $10 off the price with code: WEBINAR
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I get asked frequently about how to make PLR planners and workbooks truly unique, and combining different PLR products is a great way to do it!

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LOL - my hubby will tell you that we need that second one!! Both of these would make great additions to a gratitude journal or workbook (take a look at Toolkit #7, and a recipe keeper or journal (and yes, we have one in the works!)

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The BIG Planner sale continues at CoachGlue.com! Several of you have bought multiple planners, and found the single product purchase process annoying (don't blame you!) So, here is a special link that takes you directly to the shopping cart, and you can add as many as you want and only have to check out ONCE (Be sure to use promo code 2020)===> Shopping Cart
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And now back to work on our next new planner coming up soon! And on the horizon since so many of you have asked: an all-new version of the Christian Family Planner, summer activity planner, fitness/workout tracker & meal planner, and a huge wedding planner (for the bride, not professional wedding planners), and a new guide on the many ways to make your low-content books TRULY unique with minimal effort.

Have a great weekend!
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