And yes, this seems to be my new mantra for 2020....no comments, please ;-)

As you know, we have been promoting the BIG Coach Glue Planner Sale for the last few days. Mainly because it's an awesome sale, but also because I have been a client for a long time, and have confidence in their products. However, I have had several folks complain that the shopping experience was less than perfect because using the planner links pushed you to check out separately for each planner - but NOW we have a shopping cart link for you so you can select as many as you want and check out just once!
==>>> Coach Glue Planner Sale
(Use code 2020 to get a whopping $27 off each planner - then send the receipt to [email protected] for a $5 coupon for EACH purchase!)

The one thing we have not promoted is the Coach Glue 'ALL ACCESS VIP' Program, which is an over-the-top bundle that includes instant access to ALL of their courses, Teach Your Tribe kits, planners and other done-for-you content listed on this page, plus all of the content they release for the coming year. It's literally the full 'Business in a Box' for you, and it's not just for coaches either: use the content for planners, workbooks, community building, blogging, you name it!

We have had several readers reach out and ask if we would put together a bonus for the membership, so here is what we decided on: Purchase the 'ALL ACCESS VIP' Program, and get EVERY planner AND coloring book we produced in 2019! If you were to purchase them separately, it would be worth more than $750!!
===>> 'ALL ACCESS VIP' Program
(then send your receipt to [email protected], with VIP BONUS in the subject line!)

April over at Niche Starter Packs continues her "January Daily Deals" - Use code "2020" for a 52% discount on all deals!
==> Total Self Care Printables
==> Kitchen Organization

The Total Self Care bundle is one that you can easily turn into a workbook or course, so check this one out for sure!
Send me your receipt for every April purchase and we'll send you a $5 coupon for EACH product you buy from the list above!! Just send to [email protected] with the word 'BONUS' in the subject line.

And now back to work on our next new planner coming up soon!
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