In the summertime, I can write and create like a madwoman! I am energized and full of great ideas, but the wintertime? Meh!! Gray skies and cold do not inspire me!!

So when the analytical nerds over at Sumo.com announced a new post today "60 Blog Post Ideas to Fill Your Content Calendar ", I was all over it.
And this is NOT your usual list since it is based on their analysis of 175 MILLION posts - you might be surprised to see the top 10 list!! This is a great one to print out and keep handy - or of course, you could put it into your Successful Blogger's Planner, too ;-)

April over at Niche Starter Packs continues her "January Daily Deals" - Use code "2020" for a 52% discount on all deals!
==> Public Speaking For Fun Bundle
==> Protein Content Bundle

Did you know that public speaking is one the most common fears? It can truly be debilitating, and can easily become a major roadblock for many careers! I was one of those geeky little kids that would get sick (not faking, I would really be sick from nerves!) if I had to do something as simple as give a book report! Fast forward to adulthood, and I have spoken at major business conferences in 5 different countries, in front of hundreds of people! I've been a keynote speaking giving the opening address, moderated panels, and given interviews to newspapers and major magazines.

All of which would never have happened if I did not get over the fear of public speaking!! This is a huge bundle and will make a great workbook or 30 day challenge with a little creativity ;-)

Coach Glue has a free course titled "FREE! Content Repurposing Challenge – How to Convert Every Blog Post into 6 Different Pieces of Content for Your Business!". Although this is focused on your blog content - many of the ideas & concepts can be used to promote your planners, and will give you some great ideas for April's Public Speaking Bundle, too!

Coach Glue: Right now - Coach Glue has an AMAZING sale on 28 of their planners - they are normally $47 but they are only $20 when you use the code 2020. Use code 2020 to get $27off each planner HERE

Send me your receipt and we'll send you a $5 coupon for EACH product you buy from the list above!! Just send to [email protected] with the word 'BONUS' in the subject line.

And now back to work on our next new planner coming up soon!
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