Good morning!

Can someone please explain why I woke up at 4am yesterday, wide awake, and this morning I slept until 7:30 and still feel groggy after my coffee?? LOL one of the mysteries of my life, I guess. But the nice thing?? No. alarm clock. EVER. Going on 20 years now that I have been self-employed - and the only time I set the alarm is when I have to be at the airport ;-)

Now on to the subject line: using PLR to make your planners unique, and this works even on Amazon! No, Amazon is not going to let you use an entire PLR ebook on Amazon and call it 'yours' but you can easily take PLR tips, checklists, motivational quotes & images and coloring pages, and sprinkle them throughout your journal or planner to make it a totally unique new product, and it will probably take you under 30 minutes to do so. Even better? Turn that planner into a full workbook with the extra content and suddenly you have product that can sell for 5x the price!

This works for virtually ANY niche, from business building to goal setting, personal journaling to weight loss. And you can take the customization a step further to make sure you make your PLR 'low content' books 'all yours' by combining planners from one provider with graphics from another and content from a third.

In essence, you are simply outsourcing the creation of the components of the final product, that you will spend 30 minutes to compile - or send to your own VA to finish for you! The best part about this is that there are so many great TRUSTED resources available to you, that you don't need to risk your money with an unknown from Fiverr or Upwork!

And of course - WE provide you with the gorgeous, original planner, journal and workbook templates that pull it all together ;-)

Here are some of our favorite 'mix and match' content sources:

Coach Glue: Right now - Coach Glue has an AMAZING sale on 28 of their planners - they are normally $47 but they are only $20 when you use the code 2020. I have a couple of memberships here and love, love their content. Great for generating ideas, and really fleshing out your planners and workbooks and at this price - tough to not pick up a few! (Do NOT miss their freebie: How to Convert Every Blog Post into 6 Different Pieces of Content for Your Business! This is awesome!!) Use code 2020 to get $27off each planner HERE

PiggyMakes Bank: I am a member of their BIG business membership, which is a LOT of content unless you have a blog, so their new MINI memberships are the perfect size for you if you want to use the content in your planner biz. Check them out HERE - and you have 3 options: Self-help, health and business!

Alice Seba: My "go-to" for lead magnets, checklists and all kinds of written content goodies. Her latest is Time Management for Better Productivity - a hot topic for this time of the year, and a perfect complement for a planner or workbook product...

Niche Starter Packs continues their "January Daily Deals" -
==> Pre-Written Home Business Content Bundle
==> Pre-Written Running For Beginners Content Bundle
==> DFY Simplicity & Decluttering Your Life
==> DFY Money & Couples PLR Content

Nicole over at Content Drafts just released : Minimalism: Create More Clarity & Productivity by Getting Rid of Stuff. Perfect to create a planner or workbook!

Send me your receipt and we'll send you a $5 coupon for EACH product you buy from the list above!! Just send to [email protected] with the word 'BONUS' in the subject line.

And of course...you need great copy, sales pages and funnels to SELL your low content creations - here's two of the best peeps in the biz to learn from:

Cindy Bidar: She's just released her new tripwire course - and this is awesome! There are few people that can break the tough things down to a simple step by step process the way Cindy does, and her latest really 'decodes' a big piece of online marketing that often is the difference between success and failure for many of us! Get it here while it's still on early bird pricing (only $17 code TRIPWIRE!)

EARLY BIRD ENDS SUNDAY....last but not least: Jim Daniels launched his "Affiliate Swipe Files": THIS swipe file contains 100+ proven products and services for serious affiliate marketers that Jim promoted in 2019 from ClickBank, WarriorPlus and JVZoo PLUS all of his best, hand-written and conversion tested promos! (A quick personal note: Prior to promoting this product, Jim and I exchanged several emails, and I came away very impressed with him and the way he handles his business. It was a refreshing change from some recent encounters with others in IM. Bottom line? He's just a really, really good guy!) If you have a list of low content buyers - many of these programs will be a great match for you! get it HERE

And of course...I have a BONUS for both Cindy & Jim!!!!
I am putting together a special bundle of 3 mini-planners for these, which will complement both of these products perfectly. Bonus will be done by Monday - just send your receipt, and I will send everyone the bonus link Monday am (if not sooner). (pls put 'MINI BONUS' in subject line!) If you buy BOTH - I'll throw in two $5 coupons, too ;-)

And now back to work on those bonuses - and our next new planner coming up soon!
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