And of course, even though I tested all of the links yesterday...two of the links for April's bundles did not work for many of you. Hopefully, they will work today. Gremlins. Arrgghh.

About that #Life in the header...I have been asked so many times since January 1 what my 'word' of the year is, that I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon, and pick one.


As in re-focusing on HAVING a life. Paring down. Simplifying. Downsizing. Taking back control over my life. Only taking on the projects I want. Finding the JOY in my life again. The last decade was a tough one, and I am thrilled to see this one taking off to a wondrous start. I love where my business is today and the path I see in the future. The bottom line is that this entire genre of low content books is virtually unlimited and there is room for EVERYONE.

2020 may have just started but I have a feeling this is going to be a great one for us all!!

And this means more joint ventures, partnerships, and events! If you have an idea, a product launch or an event coming up - reach out and let us know!!

There are also some great new products out this week, too!

===> We released Toolkit #10 this week: The Lead Magnets You Need To Build The List You Want! Done for you - just add your content details and let them do their magic for you! Get them HERE and use code: EARLYBIRDIE5 to get $5 off through Sunday!

===> Jim Daniels
is considered by many to be one of the best IM copywriters in the business - and his new product is a total gem!! This is so different from the last swipe file offer from Matt Bacak - Jim uses long format emails & storytelling, bringing a personal touch to every email he sends out.

Jim's 2020 Affiliate Marketing Swipe File

And of course...BONUS!!
I am putting together a special bundle of 3 mini-planners for this one, which will make great bonuses for many of the product swipe files included in this one. Bonus will be done by Monday - just send your receipt, and I will send everyone the bonus link Monday am (if not sooner). And, no, these are not the same ones that we launched yesterday ;-)

===> Ruthie Bower's gorgeous Valentine's Day Coloring Journals (love, love the concept!!) Get it HERE!!

===> CORRECTED LINKS!! April over at Niche Starter Packs continues with her "January Daily Deals" - today's topics are definitely timely for post-holiday cleaning and goal setting!
==> Infographics Starter Bundle (Save 52% with coupon code 2020)
==> Clean Eating Report & Ecourse Bundle (Save 52% with coupon code 2020)

    Important note: All of the past Daily Deals are listed so you can pick up anything you might have missed ;-)

    ===> Nicole over at Content Drafts just released a new product that really resonates with me since we are getting ready to downsize: Minimalism: Create More Clarity & Productivity by Getting Rid of Stuff. This is a great product to use for customizing a PLR planner or workbook, too ;-)

    Send me your receipt and we'll send you a $5 coupon for EACH product you buy from April, Ruth or Nicole!!

    So that's it for today - stay warm!

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