Good morning & happy Saturday!!

I am not a good sleeper, but I have had 2 back to back nights of 7+ hrs (a rare thing for me!!) and I am ready to tackle the world today, so watch out!!

First up this am:
I doubt that many reading this have not heard of Amy Harrop - she is pretty much acknowledged to be the "Queen" of Kindle marketing and puts out some of the best Kindle courses available. Right now one of her flagship courses, Publishing Path Profits is available for $40 OFF!! Just use code PUBPATH at checkout!!

Publishing Path Profits is about turning your content into MULTIPLE revenue streams of PASSIVE income. It's about getting off the vicious path of always trading time for dollars, and learning how to let your content make money for you while you sleep - from multiple channels! If you have wanted to get this course before, but were hesitant to spend the money - then this is the time to get it! Use code PUBPATH at checkout for $40 off to make it affordable for almost everyone!! BONUS: Choose ANY TWO Individual Planner Design Kits from Toolkits 4-9!! (There are between 7 and 10 Design Kits in each Toolkit, so there are plenty of Design Kits to choose from!!)
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BookBolt has a special offer ONLY for our readers!! If you are not familiar with BookBolt, it is the fast and easy way to both create your low/zero content books as well as get them uploaded to KDP. It is a HUGE timesaver, and honestly does too many things to list here! AND when you combine it with our Toolkits - you can have your new business up and running in no time ;-). At $9.99 per month, it's already dirt cheap - but now you can get 20% off!! Just use coupon code melody at checkout for ANY product - including the lifetime membership!!
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Last but definitely not least:
This one means a lot to me personally: Alice Seba's course: Creating Your Dream Life With Vision Boards. I love vision boards, and firmly believe that using them over the past year has been a key reason that 2019 was such a phenomenal year for us! Vision boards are a great way to keep your goals front and center all day! Mine hang above my computer and I am ALWAYS aware of them! BONUS: 20 ALL NEW Vision Board "frames". So much more fun to use than simply putting your images and text on a plain white piece of paper! These will be completed and ready to send out late Sunday afternoon. These will also include several 'topic' themes (such as travel, love and money) - these are great posted on a large art board background, and lets you focus on individual vision boards during the day ;-)
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That's it for now....we do have a new product launch on Monday - specialty Lead Magnets for the Zero/Low Content niche with PLR AND an AMAZING launch price......and a new Christian planner Toolkit coming out around the 15th, so we are ramping up for 2020!!

Have a great Saturday and stay warm and dry!!

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