Wow!! I realized this past week how many companies email MULTIPLE times per day. And I don't mean just a couple of times per day, but MANY times per day. Marshall's, Target, TJMaxx, RueLaLa - all email at least 4 times per day and sometimes I think it was 4X per hour! And because I was shopping, I was actually opening the emails so I was not just getting 'unopened' re-mails either. And this tells us something...they would not be doing it unless it worked!! Something to think about, folks!

But, in between all of those shoppings ads I found some euper informative end-of-year content to share - along with some nice freebies:

===>> JeffBullas.com has a great article on "5 Trust Indicators Every Online Business Needs To Have Today". Sign up for an excellent report on choosing domain names today - great read!

===>> I am NOT a big podcast person, but I love Neil Patel and Eric Siu's MarketingSchool.io series because most are only 6-8 minutes long, they list the bullet points in a timeline, and key products and websites mentioned in the podcast under each audio! This means I can listen while doing other things (ie treadmill or grocery shopping) and not have to take notes at the same time ;-)

===>> This important update from Wordstream: "9 Essential Rules for SEO Copywriting in 2020" - and these same rules apply to us content creators, too!

===>> And another traffic video from ProfitCoPilot, Mick Meaney: How I Got 300,000 Visitors To My Niche Website

Free Design Goodies:

That's it for now - enjoy your Saturday!

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