Happy FriYAY, Everyone!

One of my major goals for 2020 is really ramping up our low-content book business output. I know ME, and when I decide to do something, I simply do it. Period. End of statement. I like to keep my basic goal-setting and tracking simple (yes, I use my own planners!), I don't need a ton of spreadsheets or mindmaps, I try very hard to NOT overthink things. Too many people get caught in the "paralysis of analysis" and simply never take action. I simply know what I need to produce every week to reach my income goals, and TAKE ACTION. I make course-corrections as needed and rarely miss my targets because I am focused on the end goal, rather than hard-coded on the path to get there. Flexibility is critical for me.

And this year is the year we push forward with a quantum leap, so I have been devouring every bit of low/zero-content training I can find, from how to speed up the uploading to Amazon and other marketplaces, to driving traffic.
These are some of my faves so far:

===> Coloring Books Publishing Video Training (v2010)
Bill Platt is one of my 2 go-to peeps for training in this niche - and with more than 4hrs/29 videos, this is a SERIOUS course!! Get two of our top-selling coloring products as a bonus:
BONUS ===>> Colorist Heaven OTO #1
BONUS ===>> Colorist Heaven OTO # 2
Check it out here: ===> Coloring Books Publishing Video Training (v2010) and just send me your receipt for the bonus links!

Speaking of Boxing Day Sales…
Here are 2 AWESOME VALUES that I have not seen promoted much:

Save 50% on everything from Ruthie Bower.....From now until January 2 at 11:59 p.m. You can save 50% on everything in her store including the first month of the membership when you use the coupon code BOXINGDAY.
You can use the coupon up to 5 times over the duration of the sale so that you don’t miss out on anything you want to pick up.
Start your shopping here – https://ritchiemedia.ca/

From Alice over at ListMagnets.com: Marketing in a Box 2020. This is a massive content bundle that will get you through the year with a new report to build your list with every month: 12 Illustrated Reports (PLR),12 Lead-Generating Opt-in Pages and 12 Professional Ecover Sets. Check it out here: Marketing in a Box 2020

From Amy Harrop, the undisputed Queen of Kindle Publishing, a great opportunity to stock up on her products and get your publishing business off to a great start in 2020. Use coupon code AMYFLASH to get 35% (or $10 off) 5 of her top-selling products from Dec 26 - Dec 30. Check them all out, so you can take your time to decide (or make life easy and get them all)
1. Piggy Back Publishing Profits
2. Content Profit Hacks
3. Easy Content System
4. Instructo
5. Checklist Profits

From one of my favorite PLR folks - PiggyMakesBank - comes their 'Twelvetide Sale'. These are 'mini' bundles from one of their memberships (one of the best deals ever!) but now you can get these in special 2 for one bundled. And these 'mini' bundles have more content than many 'full' content packages: 10 high quality plr articles - minimum of 400 words, 10 social friendly images that also work as blog post images, 10 emails to help you share the articles, 10 social media posts {LUS2 Ebook Compilations of the articles included!!
Check it out here ===>> Piggy Makes Bank Twelvetide Event

Of course, we have a bonus!!

Stack your bonuses for these "Boxing Day Sales!!
Send us your receipts to [email protected]
and receive a $5 coupon for EACH purchase!!

Last but not least today, my word of warning - several readers have asked if I would be offering a bonus for the big Wordpress bundle being promoted right now, (https://gpl-wp.com/). The themes and plugins are VERY out of date, meaning that they could put your website at risk. A great example? Their most recent update of Elegant Theme's Divi was 3.13.1. The current version is 4.10, and according to the Divi changelog, 3.13.1 was released in Sept., 2018. That is one year ago, and WP releases an average of 20 maintenance/security updates plus 2-3 MAJOR updates per year, and this last year saw some MAJOR changes with the Guttenberg editor and more. So, while some of these themes and plugins might be ok, my website is my business, and I tend to err on the side of caution. So, no, we will not be promoting this bundle, and I advise everyone to be cautious in using anything from the bundle!!

Off to see "Star Wars" today, saw "Cats" Christmas Day, and in spite of the bad reviews, I loved it. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and we enjoyed it immensely!

Have a wonderful day!

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