Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays & Merry Everything!

I have a pretty eclectic group of friends and family so this time of the year we celebrate pretty much everything! So whatever you are celebrating this week - enjoy!

There are so many great deals coming up over the next week! I am busy working on bonuses for many of them, PLUS a new product that we are releasing, too, but one just popped up that I wanted to let you know about because we have a really great bonus for it!

Bill Platt has one of the best courses I have ever seen on the entire process of publishing coloring books, kid's activity books & kid's storybooks, and yes, the same basic techniques will work for your planners, too! The training is over 4 hours, broken down into 29 videos and walks you through everything you need to know from prepping images to prepping your book manuscript, how to compile your coloring books, and how to upload them to the Amazon marketplace.

===> Coloring Books Publishing Video Training (v2010)

If you are serious about creating a low-content book business in 2020, this is the training to amp it up and get going! AND....yes, we have an awesome bonus to give you a boost: Two of our top-selling coloring products, the OTOs for the original Colorist Heaven:
BONUS ===>> Colorist Heaven OTO #1
BONUS ===>> Colorist Heaven OTO # 2

Check it out here: ===> Coloring Books Publishing Video Training (v2010) and just send me your receipt for the bonus links!

From Lynette over at Thrive Anywhere comes her latest workbook, Cultivate An Abundance Mindset Workbook. This has been a tough lesson for me. I know that it is an issue deeply rooted from my childhood, but even knowing where it came from, getting into a mindset of expecting and enjoying abundance has not been easy - but it HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING!! If you are not 'there' yet - you need this! With PLR, of course!
Take $10 off coupon code: ABUNDANCE (thru 12/23 only)
Check It Out Here ===>>> Cultivate An Abundance Mindset Workbook.
Bonus for Lynette: receive a $10 coupon from us!
To Collect: Just send your receipt to [email protected]
with the subject line "BONUS".

That is it for today, friends. Off to my youngest 'faux' son's home for the first of our holiday evenings, and to visit with my new grand-puppy. Pics tomorrow - she is so adorable!

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