is it christmas break yet-01
It's FriYAY!!

LOL, most weeks I hardly know what day of the week it is, but this has been a cray-cray week, and I have been looking forward to the change of pace my weekends usually bring, although I doubt that is going to happen this weekend, but I am ever the optimist!

I did make several purchases this week, and a couple really stand out:

Chad Eljiser's Creativity Unleashed:
This is a crazy awesome product and the 're-purposing' possibilities here are amazing: you can easily create a planner, challenge, workshop or course - or all of these! It includes a 10,000 word rebrandable book, 21 day challenge, 7 articles, an autoresponder series and 7 articles. As of right now, it's only $12.95 There are 3 upsells which are all excellent - but you can do a LOT with just this bundle.

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Cindy Bidar, Queen of Getting Stuff Done, has just released her new Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs. I am sure you are very familiar with Cindy, and know how prolific she is when it comes to releasing new content....but did you know she writes it all herself? Yeah, I know, it's mind boggling! Get a peak into her brain and process flows, and a HUGE discount now by using code: GETMOREDONE

Get More Done Now ===>>> Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs

(Don't forget to read this from Cindy: 39 Powerful Productivity Hacks to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet)

Last but definitely NOT least: from Lynette over at Thrive Anywhere comes her latest workbook, Cultivate An Abundance Mindset Workbook. This has been a tough lesson for me. I know that it is an issue deeply rooted from my childhood, but even knowing where it came from, getting into a mindset of expecting and enjoying abundance has not been easy - but it HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING!! If you are not 'there' yet - you need this! With PLR, of course!
Take $10 off coupon code: ABUNDANCE (thru 12/23 only)

Check It Out Here ===>>> Cultivate An Abundance Mindset Workbook.


Buy ANY of the featured products through our link, and receive a $10 coupon for EACH purchase you make - that even includes any upsells ;-)

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Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm and I hope your shopping is all done!
Cuz...mine is not....ugh.....
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